Getting there is half the fun!

It has been a MINIs on Top tradition that MINIs from around New England get together on Friday and caravan to Attitash. This year we have more caravans to choose from than ever before so we thought we would help you out with list of all the planned caravans on Friday.

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Another Caravan!

If you’re looking for some other folks to cruise to New Hampshire with, those hoopy froods at the MassMotoringClub are gathering at the Cracker Barrel in Tewksbury at 9:30am and then blazing their own trail to Attitash. They will not be going to MINI of Bedford in Manchester to meet the other caravans.

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NYC Caravan forming

Looks like DIET SUV over on Motoring Alliance is organizing a feeder event for the Yankee Candle caravan (which would make it a feeder feeder) for folks heading up from the NYC area:

For those traveling from NYC to Yankee Candle for the MOT feeder rally, there are a couple of us meeting up [...]

Friday’s Fantastic MoT/MoB Feeder Event

MoB rendering

Quick Links:

Boston Caravan Information Yankee Candle Caravan Information NYC Caravan to Yankee Candle (Motoring Alliance)

The Lyon-Waugh Group (home of the MINI of Peabody dealership) is EXPANDING!!! This summer will see the opening of their new MINI dealership in Bedford, NH southwest of Manchester.

To celebrate this expansion, MINI of Bedford – [...]