Yankee Candle Caravan

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We are announcing the return of the Friday morning gathering at Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, MA on June 22nd for those folks coming from western MA, western CT, and NY. The Yankee Candle caravan has long been a tradition for many MINIs On Top attendees and offers a chance to socialize, shop, and create a large “pod” of MINIs/Minis traveling together to the White Mountains.

Again this year we will leave the Yankee Candle lot at 11:00 am and travel to Bedford, NH to meet-up with the Boston Caravan at the new MINI of Bedford facility.

MINIs/Minis will begin to arrive at Yankee Candle at 9:00 am for a 10:30 am route meeting and then an 11:00 am departure for MINI of Bedford. Travel time to MoB should be a little over two hours. The caravan will not stop en-route, so make sure your MINI’s tank is full and that your own tank is not.  We should arrive at MoB around 1:00 pm.

UPDATE:  The fine folks at The Lyon-Waugh Group will be handing out goodie bags at MINI of Bedford to those who registered.  So what are you waiting for, register today!

From Bedford, NH, the combined Yankee Candle and Boston caravans will depart about 2:00 pm with an anticipated arrival at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel around 4:30 pm. While most of the combined caravan will be taking the direct route to Attitash, you are free to devise your own routes from MoB to Attitash and hoodwink other folks into following you!

NOTE: Traditionally, the combined caravan stopped at a rest area in Canterbury, NH nicknamed Area 51.  This year, because of the MINI of Bedford event, we will bypass Area 51.

Registration is closed.

Things to consider:

  • No route maps will be provided on the day of.  Please review or print the Google Map driving directions from Yankee Candle to MINI of Bedford before meeting us at Yankee Candle.
  • You may want to bring a bag lunch for when we stop in Bedford, NH.
  • Fill up with gas before meeting us at Yankee Candle.  We will not be stopping en-route.
  • If you have a FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie radio, we will be on channel 7 (sub-channel 0).


Yankee Candle
25 Greenfield Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373
10:30am route meeting, 11am departure


Who’s Coming?
Steve Lee (Trail Boss)
Jeff and Patty West (Caravan Coordinators)
Paul and Kari
Andrea +3
Christine and Jason Hurley
Doug Yoder and Maureen
Samantha Jacobs
Manny, Bev, and Tom Garcia
Marcus and Antonia DaSilva
Eric and Scott Nelson
Monika and Gary Montgomery
Mike and Inge
Tim Tryon
John (JP MINI)
Paul and Samantha Tartaglia
Mike, Teri, and Erika Francolini
Kennen Sandall +3
Jeff Perkins  +1
Dan Dykas +3
Joshua (F450HarleyMini)
Jesse  Byrd and Stacey
Woody and Mike
Maggie and Chuck
Steve and Erika
Suditi and Nick

Ric and Lois

30 comments to Yankee Candle Caravan

  • Andrea Vollaro

    4 people will be in 2RKLS4U

  • Christine Hurley

    Jason will be driving and I’ll be the navigator.
    See you all at Yankee Candle :)

  • Gary & Monika Montgomery

    Monika & Gary will be there in HUGACURV.

  • Trifle

    Mike and Inge will be there in her Chile Pepper Red Clubman s

  • Tim Tryon

    I will be there!

  • John Pedone (JP MINI)

    I am there.

  • Dave Confer (ZOOOOP)

    I will be at Yankee candle.

  • Paul Tartaglia

    My Wife Samantha and I will be there! Cant wait for my first MOT!

  • Mike Teri & Erika Francolini

    See Ya There

  • Kennen Sandall (miniblucabrio)

    Will be there with 3 passengers

  • Jeff Perkins

    I will be there as well with 1 passenger.

  • Dan Dykas

    I’ll be there with 3 passengers.

  • Kevin

    We are up to 46 MINIs (90 peeps) meeting at MINI of Bedford. That is the combined total of the two caravans and those meeting at MoB. If you registered your name should be listed on the appropriate feeder event page for the caravan you are joining.

  • Kerry

    I will be at Yankee Candle.

  • Jeff West

    Thanks for checking in , everybody ! It helps knowing how many are showing. See you around 9:00AM , the parking lot on the right side of YC is usually meeting spot . Drivers meeting @ 10:30 AM , line up in caravan mode behind the Trail Boss AKA
    Steve Lee . He will lead us out at 11:00 AM to the YC & Boston area caravan convergence at MINI of Bedford dealership .
    We will be leaving at 11:00 AM in order to arrive at Bedford at 1:00 PM for an hour, I’m certain has some fun MINI stuff for us . Will be a perfect break for a bite to eat and hit the bathrooms . There are no stops from YC to Bedford , so make sure you are gassed and ready to cruise .
    Everybody will be leaving around 2:00 PM . This is a good time to choose one of the many paths to Attitash or surrounding area. Take the time to look at what the different routes to take offer . For a lot of people the direct route to Attitash is picked , but there are beautiful scenic routes that you might want to consider if you are new the White Mounntains . It such a stunning , beautiful area and I envy you if this is your first time . See what people are doing at the Bedford meetup and fall in with aa group going the way you’d like , or go explore on your own . Take your time and look around , it’s approx a two and a half gorgeous drive to the Attitash. More or less depending on what route you choose.
    No stress, it’s always a good, friendly fun time. The MOT construction company headed by Richard & Sarah have a beautiful framework built that all of us fill in the spaces.
    And the 10th anniversary for MOT !!! Buckle up …

  • Steve Lee

    Hmmm…what’s stopping Trail Boss from going rogue and stopping for ice cream at Kimball’s along the way…

  • Jeff West

    Already a rogue …

  • Steve Lee

    Better rogue than Maquis.

  • Jeff West

    Perhaps you fancy a more Ferengi persona … ?

  • Woody and Mike will drive the 07 Chilli Red S Convertible.

  • Jeff West

    Nice to see old friends names as well as friends yet met !

  • Pac

    First MoT
    New 2012 Coupe S with Collie Nav
    Unique combination lol

  • Maggie

    OMGosh!!! I forgot to sign up!!!! Since this will be the first year that Ms Lola CooperS herself has to say home… I will be riding in Col Mustard with his owner, Chuck!

  • hwy61

    You obviously didn’t forget to sign up, cause you just did.

  • Erika

    Steve and Erika will be there in our BRG Cooper! We are also bring our 2 (yes 2), Rotties! We are going to look like a packed clown car!

  • Suditi

    Nick and I will be there!

  • Guliver

    If it is not too late, Lois and Ric will jump in the middle of the run. We hope to connect with you either some place in Peterborough or at the top of Temple Mountain just after the entrance to the Miller State Park…

  • hwy61

    We’ll be looking for youse guys !!

  • Guliver

    Thank you.

    I was thinking about sitting near the roundabout in Peterboro just before the 101 and 202 intersection and then pulling into the roundabout to provide a block for the caravan…

  • Jeff West

    Thanks everybody who came on the Yankee Candle Caravan !! Hope you had a good time on your way to MOT 2012!

    Round of applause to “Trail Boss” Steve Lee who’s bold move of diverting to Kimbell’s Ice Cream was well received by all !!

    See you next year if we do !!