MINI of Bedford Meeting Point

The Lyon-Waugh Group (MINI of Peabody) recently opened their new MINI dealership in Bedford, NH.  To celebrate this expansion, MINI of Bedford will once again host a MINIs On Top feeder event.

The Boston-area Caravan and the Yankee Candle Caravan will converge at the new MINI of Bedford facility at 1:00 pm on Friday, June 22.  Here you will have the chance to meet and greet your fellow motorers, use restrooms, and if you bring a bag!

UPDATE:  The fine folks at The Lyon-Waugh Group will be handing out goodie bags to those who registered.  So what are you waiting for, register today!

We will stay at MoB until about 2:00 pm then depart for a non-stop drive up I-93 to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel (~2.5 hours). Note that we will not plan to stop at Area 51 as we have done in other years, although arrangements will be made to do a “rolling grab” of folks from there as we pass by.

Directions from MINI of Bedford to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel

Registration is closed.


MINI of Bedford
209 S. River Road
Bedford, NH  03110
1pm arrival, 2pm departure


Who’s Meeting at MoB? (Not in either caravan)
Larry Selsky +1
Lindsay Maguire +1
Ryan McMurray +1
Dan Mullen+ 1
Mike Frey + 1
Heather Moss +1
Brian and Diana Gillis
Roger Williams
Tim, Pam and Talia
Nick Skripsky
Len & Diana Amadeo
Nancy Mullins
Pete Basiliere

Paul +1
Ryan +1

20 comments to MINI of Bedford Meeting Point

  • Lindsay

    Lindsay +1 (Meeting at MoB)

  • MikeF

    Mike + 1 (meeting @ MoB)

  • Nancy

    I’ll be coming up from RI and plan to get in line at Bedford Mini…woot woot

  • HeatherM

    Heather + 1 driving down from New Brunswick (Meeting at MoB)

  • Diana

    Brian + 1 meeting at MINI of Bedford.

  • Kevin

    So far we are up to 36 MINIs (66 peeps) meeting at MINI of Bedford!

  • Pete Navarra

    Myself (Pete) +1
    Arriving with the Boston Area Caravan

  • Kevin

    We are up to 46 MINIs (90 peeps) meeting at MINI of Bedford. That is the combined total of the two caravans and those meeting at MoB. If you registered your name should be listed on the appropriate feeder event page for the caravan you are joining.

  • NMullins

    look forward to meeting up at Bedford Mini!

  • Joe Rose

    I’ll be there along with my wife Debbi and Steve Barnatt..We will be meeting at MoB…

  • Marcus D

    I looked at the driving directions…but…but…but…Kancamagus to Bear Notch Road is so much more twistier…

  • Kevin

    Hey Marcus, I totally agree with you! Most people want to take the direct route but there will be some folks that will get off at exit 32 and take bear notch.

  • Ryan

    Brittany, Stella, and I will be waiting at MoB for all of Stellas family to show up. (stella is our 2006 MCS btw)

  • Paul Bradt

    If it is not too late, wife and I will be there as well.

  • NMullins

    Hey Marcus I’ll join you! My husband and I love to ride Bear Notch Road on our motorcycles! We do it several times a summer. Haven’t done it in the mini yet but would love to! I looked at google maps and taking Bear Notch Rd it would take us 2hrs 4mins….the other way is 1hr 58mins. Not a whole lot of difference in time but a heck of a lot more fun to drive! Anyone else interested?

  • Outatime

    Outatime + 1 meeting at MoB

    Better late than never…

  • Kevin

    Thanks to everyone that made it to MINI of Bedford for a record turnout of 80 MINIs!
    A HUGE thanks to Cidalia and her team from MINI of Peabody and MINI of Bedford for taking such good care of us!
    Thanks to Steve, Jeff, and Patty for leading the Yankee Candle group, and to Ivan for leading the Boston-area caravan!