Area 51 Rendezvous

Area 51 is a rest area on I-93 North just past mile marker 50, about 15 miles north of Concord, MA. It is where the Yankee Candle and the Boston-area Caravans have converged in past years, but this year the caravans will not be stopping at Area 51. The Yankee Candle and Boston caravans will be stopping, instead, at the recently opened MINI of Bedford.

If you are from NH or northern MA and usually meet the caravans at Area 51 you can still meet there, but you will have to join the caravans as we drive past on I-93; the caravans will not stop.  We’re looking for one person to volunteer as the leader/point-of-contact that we can contact when we’re about two miles away. This will give enough time for the group to saddle up and get moving. If you’re interested, please leave a comment below and we’ll contact you for your phone number.

The combined Yankee Candle and Boston-area Caravans will be driving by Area 51 sometime around 2:30pm and heading non-stop to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.

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