2012 Event Schedule

This is the schedule for MINIsOnTop 2012.  It will be updated right up until the event.  All times are subject to change.

Looking to plan your own event, or do something a little more out of the ordinary? Check out the Ad-hoc Events Committee post!

Friday, June 22

Caravans to MoT from Yankee Candle and the Boston Area
MINI caravans will be heading north from Western Mass and near Boston. See the Feeder Events page for more details.

At Attitash Grand Summit Resort in Bartlett, NH
4-7:30pm Hotel check-in, socializing in the MINIs on Top Operations Room (MOTORoom), dinner on your own. Even if you’re not staying at Attitash, you’re invited to join.
 7:30-9 Sundae on Friday” in the MOTORoom
Presented by one of our faves, MINI of Manhattan (Sweet!)
 9:00  Trivia in the MOTORoom (more details will be posted soon)

Saturday, June 23

At Attitash Grand Summit in Bartlett, NH
6:30 – 8:00am Breakfast in the MOTORoom
Presented by our very good friends at Lyon-Waugh, aka MINI of Peabody and MINI of Bedford  (WooHoo!)
8:00 Leave for Loon Mountain
At Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH (Kancamagus Highway, at I93 Exit 32)
Before you arrive at Loon, fill your tank and pick up a picnic lunch. There are a few options in Lincoln.
9-11:30 200+ MINIs to scope out
Boot sale (if you’re interested in selling some MINIrabilia, join in)
Concours d’Elegance: vote for MINIs in multiple categories
Photo Scavenger Hunt check-in
11:00 Photo Scavenger Hunt participants meet & depart
(participants get their own mandatory drivers’ meeting)
11:30 Drivers’ meeting — MANDATORY for all MoT participants
12-12:30pm Depart from Loon lot for afternoon drives
At Mt. Washington Auto Road in Glen, NH
3:30pm Arrive at the Auto Road.
Volunteers will be on hand to get you parked in the upper lot.
4-5:00 Door prize viewing and ticketing: the door prizes are on display in volunteer MINI boots. Pick which ones you’d like to win, and place your raffle tickets in the selected bags. Still jonesing for that special prize? Buy more raffle tickets at the MINI operations tent!
5:00 Head into to the tent for presentations, awards and entertainment. Tables will be called for dinner service after you’re seated. Observatory Tour attendees first, please.
  Dinner service begins
5:30-7 Door prize drawings and speechifying
6:00 Observatory Tour ascends Mt. Washington (more details to come)
7:15 MINIs stage on Auto Road for ascent
8:33 Sunset!
At Attitash Grand Summit in Bartlett, NH
9:00 Saturday Subsequential Sunset Soiree in the MOTORoom
Presented by our super supporters at MINI Eastern Region. (Psyche!)

Sunday, June 24

Head home and start counting the days until MOT2013 :(

21 comments to 2012 Event Schedule

  • Ray Wisner

    Not sure where is best to post this but. NEWFOUND MINIS 1st MOT kick off campfire
    Friday eve in Hebron, NH a group of mini folks are having a campfire / cookout.
    So anyone with a mini is invited. call rex 603 236-2904

  • Ada

    When is the trivia contest?

  • Hi, Ada. Trivia will be immediately after “Sundae on Friday” at 9pm on Friday night in the MOTORoom. I just added it to the schedule. We’ll hopefully have more details soon.

  • Jason

    The boot sale and driver meeting as at Loon mountain?


  • Hi, Jason. I’m not sure I understand your question, but here’s some info that may help… The Boot Sale, Concours d’Elegance, and mandatory drivers’ meeting are all at the Loon parking lot on Saturday morning. The booklets that will be mailed out with your registration materials early next month will have a basic map of the area. I hope that helps. Thanks.

  • Jason

    Oh it does. I meant the Loon parking lot. We will be staying further north in a B&B we’ve always had an a eye on, so want to meet you there instead of Attitash. We know the area, just want to make sure we go to the right spot LOL. Thank you!

  • The True Old Man

    When do we get Barnatt on the spit???

  • blalor

    You’ll just have to show up to find out!

  • hwy61

    That old meat has to be tough and full of gristle…

  • Paul Laemmle

    Couldn’t submit registration for Scavenger hunt through the website, can I fax it in?


    We helped with dinner last year and I have a suggestion to make the flow of diners go through the serving lines a bit smoother. Who should I contact with that info? (I’ve got a little drawing to send along.) If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll bring it with me.

    See you soon!
    ~Mrs. G.

  • Becca

    Hubby posted his event for hike up Mt Washington. Will it show up on this event page?

  • blalor

    Not directly, Becca. I’ll link to that post from this events page, however.

  • hwy61

    A post by Ed “ MAXAMINI “ Smith 10 days before MOT ‘ 05 and I thought it so sums up his outlook he so happily shared with us all :

    …the weekend will be what it is. MINIs On Top will define itself. It is like a river overflowing it’s banks. It cannot be contained. Go with the flow. Don’t dip your toe. Full immersion is the way. In the end you will find it less about the cars than the people who inhabit them.

    I await the weekend with the unbridled enthusiasm of a six year old hearing the faint sound of distant bells as the Ice Cream Man approaches his street from blocks away. It’s coming. It’s coming. I hear them. Listen. Hear it? I told you. Woohoo.

    The orchestra begins to assemble. Instruments are drawn from their cases. Violins drawn to chins and bows begin to slide across strings. Each member as yet unaware of the other as they continue to tune their individual instruments but soon the house lights will dim and the Great Cod will rise from the pit and behold MINIs On Top shall fill the great mountain valleys and the sweet music of 208 motors and Motorers shall rise to the heavens and it will be said of the Grand Cod.. It is a good.
    Peace, Sunshine, and Goodwill be yours. Can I get an Amen?…”

    Amen Ed

  • blalor

    Thanks, Jeff! Great sentiment.

    280+ motors this year. Could get noisy. ;-)

  • Thanks so much for posting that, Jeff. It makes all the hours of hard work seem worth it :) I can’t wait to get there tomorrow.

  • NMullins

    so glad to see Hurricane road on the scenic drive list! This is a wicked awesome road to drive…not for the faint of heart (unless you want to drive it going 25mph all the way!) I have only ridden it on my motorcycle and it is a white knuckler! I can’t wait to ride it in the mini!

  • Brian & Sarah:

    Awesome job pulling this one together. Wish we could be there. Cousin’s high school graduation party in CT, instead… need I say more?

  • blalor

    Sorry you couldn’t make it, Adam. Biggest one, yet! :-)

  • Beth

    Any idea when next year’s event will be. We will be visiting from PA June 13-17. It would be great if our Mini could join your festivities.

  • MOT2013 is scheduled for June 22. We’re kicking off the planning this weekend, so stay tuned for more details soon.