Boston Area Caravan

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For those folks coming from eastern MA, eastern CT, and RI, the Target parking lot at 101 Commerce Way in Woburn, MA will be the gathering point. Please seek out other MINIs (and Minis!) in the Northwest corner of the parking lot; please view this link for a handy annotated map.

MINIs/Minis will begin to arrive at 11:30 am for a 12:00 pm departure for MINI of Bedford. Travel time to MoB should be a little over an hour. The caravan will not stop en-route.  Traditionally the Boston caravan stopped at a rest area in Canterbury, NH nicknamed Area 51.  This year however, the soon to open MINI of Bedford, NH has invited us to swing by and check it out.  They will have goodie bags for us and have asked for a head count.

If you plan to join the Boston-area caravan to MINIs On Top, please comment below or email Kevin Minghella with the number of people in your MINI.

Things to consider:

  • No route maps will be provided on the day of.  Please review or print the Google Map driving directions from Woburn to MINI of Bedford before meeting us at Target.
  • You may want to bring a bag lunch for when we stop in Bedford, NH.  The meeting spot has a few “grab ‘n go” options. 
  • Fill up with gas before meeting us at Target.  We will not be stopping en-route.
  • If you have a FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie radio, we will be on channel 7 (sub-channel 0). 


Target parking lot, NW corner
101 Commerce Way
Woburn, MA
11:30am arrival, 12pm departure

Who’s coming?
Kevin (caravan coordinator)
Shannon (+1)
Jamie and Sharon
Phuong (+1)
Bob (+1)
Art (+1)
Tiffany and Nick
Brian (+1)
Becca and Jar
Ivan and Cathy
Heidi, Mike, and Christian
Brian and (maybe) Sarah
Jack (+1)
Jen (+3)
Susan (+1)
Bob Ramsdell (+1)

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