Boston Area Caravan (2010)

For those folks coming from eastern MA, eastern CT, and RI, the parking lot at 115 Commerce Way in Woburn, MA will be the gathering point.

MINIs/Minis will begin to arrive at 11:30 am for a 12:00 am departure for Area 51. Travel time to Area 51 should be a little over an hour, so the Boston Caravan should arrive to join the other caravans by about 1:00 pm. The Caravan will not stop enroute.

We have created an online MapQuest route for folks to follow from Boston to Area 51:Driving Directions from 115 Commerce Way Woburn, Massachusetts to Canterbury, New Hampshire. A route map will not be provided, so you should follow the MapQuest links and print out the maps/driving instructions. Also note that mobile phone service may be spotty on this route so do not depend upon a mobile cellular device for accessing the route information. If you have a Garmin GPS, you can download this route from MapQuest directly to your GPS.

7 comments to Boston Area Caravan (2010)

  • Eddie

    Might want to clarify which day this is… (Friday or Saturday)

  • blalor

    I kind of figured that the departure time being 3 hours after the arrival time at Loon would clear things up, but I do suppose you’re right… :-)

  • Ginny

    What business is located at 115 Commerce Way? Had trouble locating this last year – even with the Garmin… Thank you

  • blalor

    I think it’s a Target, Ginny. I’ll try to drive up there this week and confirm.

  • Kevin

    It is Target, as you enter the parking lot drive straight and look for MINIs. This Target has a supermarket and many people grab their lunch before we depart. Make sure you give yourself time to do so, as we do leave promptly at noon. Also, there is a starbucks here for all you caffeine junkies.
    See you in June!

  • blalor

    Thanks, Kevin!

  • Ginny

    Thank you!! Cannot wait – we had so much fun last year!!