Hurricane Mountain Road

Are you ready to try a new route for the 10th anniversary of MINIs On Top? Join our group from Loon to Mt. Washington via Hurricane Mountain Rd and cross back and forth between Maine and New Hampshire on gorgeous, winding country roads.

Because it is much more fun to ride together, this route will include three stops to regroup and one longer lunch stop so we can arrive at Mt. Washington in a convoy. The approximate drive time is three hours plus stops.

PLEASE NOTE: this route includes very narrow roads with steep drops on the side with no guardrails, as well as a few bumps in the road that might launch you into the air if you are going too fast! We strongly recommend you travel with the group and obey speed limits.

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  1. Exit Loon Mountain and turn Right onto Kancamangus Rd

    • In 10.4 miles, stop at scenic overlook on left to regroup (5 minutes)
  2. Drive a total of 25.4 miles on the Kanc and turn left onto Passaconaway Rd/Cover Bridge

    • Stop here for a 5 minute regroup & view of the covered bridge
  3. Continue on Passaconaway Rd for 6.3 miles to the end (West Side Dr)
  4. Turn left on West Side Dr and go for 5.2 miles to the end (River Rd). *Please note the speed limit.*
  5. Take a right on River Rd and go 0.8 miles to the stop light at Rt 16.
  6. Turn left on Rt 16 North and go 1.5 miles for lunch stop at Scenic overlook on left.

    • 20-30 min stop so you can have beautiful views of Mt Washington, walk across the street (carefully, this is a busy road) to get the best Ice Cream cone you’ve ever had at Trails End Ice cream shop, or pick up a sandwich.

      • 3 beeps of the lead car horn will give a 5 minute warning; 5 beeps means it’s time to go
  7. Take a left and continue on Rt 16 N for only 0.1 miles and turn right on Hurricaine Mountain Rd.
  8. Drive 5.8 miles on Hurricaine Mountain Rd to the end (Green Hill Rd).
    Be careful on this curvy, narrow road, especially towards the end where there is a hump that might launch you into the air if you are going too fast.
  9. Take a left onto Green Hill Road and go 3.8 miles and then bear right onto Stowe Rd.
  10. Go 1.2 miles on Stowe Rd and take a left onto Rt 113 N / N. Fryeburg Rd

    • In 2.7 miles, stop on the left at the country store to regroup (5-10 min)
  11. Continue on Rt 113 N for a total of 20 miles to the end (Route 2)
  12. Take a left onto Rt 2 and drive 10.9 miles to Rt 16 South
  13. Take a left onto Rt 16 and drive 7.5 miles to the Mt Washington Auto Rd
  14. You have arrived!

THANK YOU to Linda & John Rives for finding, plotting, and leading this route! It is a terrific addition to MOT.

5 comments to Hurricane Mountain Road

  • Kristin M

    Super excited to try this route!

  • Hilary Jones

    This is a fabulous trip – we live in western Maine, about 10 miles from Hurricane Mountain Road and the 113 (Evans Notch) and my mini knows them both very well. Can’t wait to do it in a caravan!


    Wanted to try this one last year, but couldn’t because we were in the photo scavenger hunt. It’s at the top of the ‘To Do’ list this year!

    ~Mrs. G.

  • Linda Rives

    In case anyone is reading these comments, I am one of the leaders on the Hurricaine Mt route. A few minor changes this year: If we all start off together like we did last year (very organized), there will be no need to stop along the Kanc for regrouping. Just follow the car in front of you in case we do need to stop (we have a car in the back of the line communicating with the car in front). If we get separated at the turn onto West side road, don’t worry…it is only a short distance to the lunch stop from there (and there is a light onto Rt 16 where we will certainly get separated. Finally, we will make the lunch stop longer than last year so everyone can enjoy a leisurly lunch and an ice cream cone (stop will be about 45 min). We made it to the auto road last year with LOTS of time to spare. Can’t wait for another great ride!!!

  • Thanks for the update, Linda. I wish I could tag along with you guys on this route this year…

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