More Auto Road prep

Cool video online of the Mt. Washington crew working on clearing the auto road. It’s a bit more work than clearing your driveway.

A note to folks who might be concerned about the drive up — we encourage everyone to find their own comfort level, but remember, the road is wide enough for two-way traffic, [...]

Another MOT2009 video

Thanks to Dave & Vicky (and Dave’s brother Chris):

(also, be sure to see Ben Martin’s video)

MOT2009 videos

Here is our first MINIsOnTop 2009 video, by Ben Martin – and what a great one it is Thanks, Ben! Here is an Animoto video of my MINIsOnTop 2009 pictures: (YouTube version here)


Another MOT2008 video

Posted on Youtube by Emily:

A quick MINIsOnTop 2008 video

If you didn’t make it to the event, this’ll give you a flavour of what you missed … if you did make it, it’s a reminder

(if you can’t see it, you can download the quicktime version by right-clicking here)

What goes up, must come down!

Alan sent a link to another video, descending Mount Washington:

(thanks, Alan!)

Alan climbs Mt Washington

Alan of PhillyMINI has posted a nice video of the drive up Mount Washington:

(thanks, Alan!)

Blaines MOT2006 video

Google Video format

Josh’ MOT2005 video

26MB mpeg4 format

Scotts MOT2005 video

67MB mpeg format