Thanks to everyone

From Jim at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine:

MOT2010 changes

After organizing MINIsOnTop 2006/2007/2008/2009, Theo, Michael and Ian have chosen to name new leaders for MINIsOnTop 2010! Both Richard and Sarah have been active volunteers and will surely support MINIsOnTop in “moving forward while looking backward”, bringing new ideas while maintaining the theme of MINI fun. Watch for more news from Richard & Sarah in [...]

MOT2009 check presentations

Yesterday, MINIsOnTop was able to meet with James from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine, and make a formal presentation of the $10,315.82 that we raised for their charity this year:

MAW Maine also presented a thank you plaque to MINIsOnTop (see here for close-up)

Although the Mount Washington Observatory was unable to attend, [...]

Another MOT2009 video

Thanks to Dave & Vicky (and Dave’s brother Chris):

(also, be sure to see Ben Martin’s video)

MINI pick-up from Herb Chambers MINI

At MINIsOnTop 2009 we again had the privilege of raffling a MINI Cooper lease thanks to the support of Herb Chambers MINI of Boston, and today winner Susan flew up from North Carolina to pick up her new car … here’s a couple of pictures (more over at Susan gets to sit in her [...]

MOT2009 Funds raised for Charity

MINIsOnTop is proud to announce the final tally of charity funds raised during MOT 2009.

With money raised selling raffle tickets for the MINI Cooper lease donated by Herb Chambers MINI of Boston, the auction for Red Sox tickets in box seats donated by Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds, the auction of a rare Mini [...]

Thank You to the MINIsOnTop 2009 Volunteers

The annual MINIsOnTop event is a collaborative effort among a host of Volunteers who, like you, are just nuts about their MINIs, and value the friendships they have made in the Community of MINI Owners. It is due to the dedication and hard work of the Volunteers that allows MINIsOnTop to be presented each year. [...]

Susan wins the MINIsOnTop 2009 raffle

With many thanks to Herb Chambers MINI of Boston that donated the one year lease of a beautiful Pepper White / Black roof MINI Cooper – here are pictures from MINIsOnTop 2009 where Mark Ravin from the dealershio draws the winning ticket, purchased by mail by Susam Palmer from Raleigh, NC:

After winning [...]

MOT2009 videos

Here is our first MINIsOnTop 2009 video, by Ben Martin – and what a great one it is Thanks, Ben! Here is an Animoto video of my MINIsOnTop 2009 pictures: (YouTube version here)


MOT2009 picture links

Well, another MINIsOnTop has been and gone – but the pictures remain for us to enjoy! With a great new location, many wonderful MINI owners, and helpful weather, we feel that MOT2009 was the best yet! Soon, we will put together some proper write-ups on the event, but for now here are links to pictures [...]