MOT2008 feedback

Last year, we asked all the MINIsOnTop 2008 participants for feedback about the event – here are highlights of the “best” and “worst” of that event; if you were there, we hope you agree that it was a great event … if you missed it, perhaps this feedback will tempt you to join us this [...]

Mount Washington Observatory presentation

This past weekend, Pete/NHref (who organizes the Mount Washington Observatory tour during MINIsOnTop), visited MWO to present a check to them in the sum of $888.57, supporting their ongoing research: (LtoR: Dr. Peter Crane, Director of Programs from MWO, Pete, Scot Henley, Executive Director from MWO)

If interested, you can also read a copy of [...]

Thank you from Make-A-Wish

With over $14,000 raised for charity, MINIsOnTop had some giving to do, which happened in a presentation ceremony this past weekend: (LtoR: Ian/GBMINI, Michael from New Country MINI, Lloyd from Make-A-Wish, Michael, and Theo)

Lloyd, representing the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire, very kindly presented MINIsOnTop with a plaque, showing how everyone’s charity efforts make [...]

Another MOT2008 video

Posted on Youtube by Emily:

MOT2008 Funds raised for Charity

MINIsOnTop is proud to announce the final tally of charity funds raised during MOT 2008. We sold 223 raffle tickets for the MINI Cooper Clubman lease donated by Herb Chambers MINI of Boston – this raised $5,575. New Country MINI supported the “Sundaes On Friday” event with a donation of $6.288 for each attendee, raising [...]

MOT2008 pictures

You can find pictures from MINIsOnTop 2008 posted in various places around the web – here’s a list of those we know about … Ian Cull / GBMINI: Gallery and Friday, Saturday morning (Loon), and afternoon (Mt Washington base) weblog posts. Sheena: Flickr Michael: Gallery and Comic David: Flickr, DSL video and Mt Washington video [...]

A quick MINIsOnTop 2008 video

If you didn’t make it to the event, this’ll give you a flavour of what you missed … if you did make it, it’s a reminder

(if you can’t see it, you can download the quicktime version by right-clicking here)

And the winner is …

MINIsOnTop 2008 is completed … a total of 215 raffle tickets for the Herb Chambers donated MINI Cooper Clubman lease were sold, and at the drawing at the base of Mount Washington, the winner was Jocelyn Dailey of Jersey City, NJ … congratulations

New Country MINI generously supported the Sundaes on Friday event both [...]

MINI luggage from MINI of Peabody

In addition to sponsoring the Saturday night “after the top” buffet, MINI of Peabody recently donated a nice set of MINI luggage (too big for my convertible though!) – thanks!

There’s been a number of other last minute donations, including several items from TwistyBitz, a great MINI boot organizer from “GP George” a MINI [...]

Registration packs shipped

All 218 registration packs have been put together and mailed; you should receive your pack this week (except for postal delays, for example to Canada!)