Thanks from Rosie’s Place

We recently received a very nice thank you letter from Rosie’s Place, in appreciation of the almost $15,000 that MINIsOnTop raised for them this year: (click for bigger image)

Best pictures of MOT2007

MINIsOnTop 2007 will be featured in the next issue of MC2 Magazine, including a number of pictures selected from submissions by various MOT2007 attendees. For your enjoyment, we’ve put every submitted picture online in the MOT2007 Best Of Gallery (click here to visit)

Rosie’s Place presentation

Today we visited Rosie’s Place in Boston, met Ruthie there, and presented a check for $14,993 being funds raised during MOT2007 (an additional $1,500 in checks written direct to Rosie’s Place has already been delivered) … see this weblog post for more details:

MOT2007 best pictures

MC2 magazine will have an article covering MINIsOnTop in their next issue, submitted by “yellow hat” Theo and accompanied by a selection of the best MOT2007 pictures, selected by Theo from submissions from many attendees. While the final pictures to be selected by MC2 are not known, you can preview the “best of the best” [...]

What goes up, must come down!

Alan sent a link to another video, descending Mount Washington:

(thanks, Alan!)

Alan climbs Mt Washington

Alan of PhillyMINI has posted a nice video of the drive up Mount Washington:

(thanks, Alan!)

MOT2007 thanks you all!

(copy of email sent out recently)

I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to everyone involved with MINIsOnTop 2007 – all the volunteers that worked to make it so successful, all the attendees, and everyone that supported our fund raising for Rosie’s Place by donating items for us to offer as prizes, or by [...]

A successful MINIsOnTop!

MINIsOnTop 2007 is over, and (hopefully) everyone is happy! A few pics to give the flavor of the event, if you didn’t make it:


The MOT2007 grille badge

We’ve just received delivery of the MOT2007 grille badges – they will be available for sale on Friday evening and on Saturday, at the various MINIsOnTop events …

These badges are mounted like last year – see this updated installation guide for details.

MOT2007 awards

One of the MINIsOnTop traditions is to present a few amusing awards to various attendees – nothing too serious of course, just for fun!

This year, we have medals for the winning Trivia Contest team (which takes place on Friday evening at the Town & Country Inn):

We also have medals for 1st, 2nd [...]