Josh’ MOT2005 video

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Scotts MOT2005 video

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MINIsOnTop 2005

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MOT2005 Sponsors

MOT2005 has an ever growing number of sponsors for the event. Below is a list of sponsors, their web sites, and the donations. Please show your appreciation of these sponsors by patronizing their businesses: Bavarian Autosport – Four gift certificates in the amount of $25.00 each Bentley Publishing – A MINI Service Manual. Cambridge Sound [...]

MOT2005 Raffle prize

MINIsOnTop is raffling the 24 month lease of a 2005 MINI Cooper. For the cost of one raffle ticket you will have the chance to keep a 2005 Hyper Blue/White MINI Cooper with sunroof in your possession for two years. You’ll be allowed 10,000 miles per year. At the end of the two years you [...]