White Mountain Favorites

by rfinprc

This is my last dispatch before the big event, so I thought I’d share some of my White Mountain favorites with you. This is just a short list to give you a taste of what you’ll find in the White Mountains. It’s my list, so it favors hiking and outdoor stuff. I invite [...]

Owl’s Head Transportation Museum

by rfinprc

MINI owners (at least the ones you’re likely to meet at MOT) are suckers for interesting forms of transportation. We like cars. And probably motorcycles and airplanes too. One of the best collections of all three – along with carriages and bicycles – is at The Owl’s Head Transportation Museum in Maine.

If [...]

Devil’s Shingle

Going Down – The Quick Way, by rfinprc

I’ve been up and down Mt. Washington a few times on foot, and once in a MINI. Either way, it’s a fairly slow trip. MOT 03 attendees remember clear warnings from the Auto Road staff about not getting carried away, and we were shepherded up the mountain [...]

What’s MINIsOnTop?

In the dark days of winter (February 2003) … [...]