Will there be a MOT 2014? That could be up to you!

When Sarah and I took over running MINIs on Top, we committed to taking the event through its 10th year. That was MOT 2012. Here we are — mostly enthusiastically — planning the 11th annual MINIs on Top. But this will be the last one for us. So, if there is to be another event [...]

MINIsOnTop Mailing List

As you hopefully know, we maintain a mailing list at MINIsOnTop, used rarely for announcements (such as registration open, major sponsors, the final charity funds raised). This mailing list is OPT-IN ONLY, and requires confirmation via a link sent to the subscribing email address; additionally messages can only be sent via a password protected web [...]

New MINIsOnTop website format

I’m moving MINIsOnTop over to run under WordPress – it’ll be much easier to update and it’ll be possible for more than just me to do the updating (for example I hope that the people looking after the charity & donations aspects of MINIsOnTop will be able to post their own regular updates!)