MINIsOnTop is an annual gathering of MINIs and their owners in New Hampshire, culminating in a drive to the top of Mount Washington! Fun is the number one goal, but over the years we’ve also raised about $85,000 for charities…

To learn more, read What’s MINIsOnTop and the rest of this site. Also, you can download / print this quick reference guide:
MINIsOnTop Quick Reference Flyer
(click on the pic to download a printable pdf file)

Another way to get an idea of how much fun can be had at MINIsOnTop, is to check out one or more of the videos:
MINIsOnTop Videos link

MINIsOnTop is run by Sarah Curtis and Richard Freierman, with the help of a very enthusiastic group of volunteer MINI Cooper owners, and the support of MINI dealerships and MINI parts suppliers countrywide! Please see the Supporters page for a list of volunteers and event supporters.

Contact information: MINIsOnTop, 8 Bonner Avenue, Medford, MA 02155.


    • MINIsOnTop is a volunteer organized event – please bear with us if we get stuff wrong!
    • There are some costs involved in participating, including a registration fee (which covers shipping of a registration package), as well as the cost of optional Tshirts, food, and the auto road drive to the top of Mount Washington.
    • There is a restriction in the number of MINIs, due to parking space limits!

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