2014 MINIs on Top Registration is CLOSED

Online registration has closed.

You can still register for MINIs on Top by visiting us at the sales table located in the MOTORoom at Attitash Grand Summit Resort Hotel on Friday the 20th of June or at the sales table Loon on the 21st of June.

This page is an overview of registration, charges, items for sale, and payment options. When you’re ready to order, click the link below to open the registration form in a separate window and sign up. You can switch to this description at any time if you need to check details.

Registration Basics:

  • Waiver of Liability: Any Purchase will be considered a release and acknowledge and represent that you have read and accept the foregoing Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • Billing/Shipping Address: This is the detail for the person responsible for the registration, including the mailing address for your registration package, which will be sent via US Post Office. Don’t worry, other people can drive too (if you let them).
  • The MINIs on Top registration fee of $25 per MINI. If you forget to add it to your shopping cart it will be added automatically – you cannot checkout without it. This fee goes towards general event expenses like tent rental at the Auto Road, event supplies, and mailing expenses. At the end of every MINIs on Top, seed money is reserved for next year and the balance goes to our donation fund, designated for The March of Dimes and the Mount Washington Observatory.

Items for Sale:

  • Auto Road tickets: The drive up the Auto Road on Saturday evening is optional. Every person in the car needs a ticket (under age 5 is free – age 5 to 12 $12.50 and age 13+ $28.50).
  • MINIs on Top vinyl rally cling: $2.50 each. What a deal! You can buy just one or more if you want (check your quantities at checkout). Buy it and prove you were there.
  • Dinner: Served under the tent at the base of the Auto Road on Saturday. Includes your choice of Sandwich or salad. Dinner order is optional, and you’re welcome to bring your own to the tent. Catering is by Panera Bread of Concord, NH.
  • Sweatshirt: NEW for 2014. Remember it can be cold at the top of Mt. Washington, even in June. The MOT event logo is on the front of the sweatshirt, Hooded long sleeve, Unisex, in sizes small through XXXL. Due to the additional cost of shipping this item it is only available for pickup at MINIs on Top 2014.
  • T-Shirts: These are gorgeous, and you’ll want one. The MOT event logo is on the front of the shirt and “MOTNORMAL on the back. We will have a supply of T-shirts for sale at the event, but those go fast. You can order in black or white, long or short sleeve, Youth, women’s or Men’s cut, in sizes small through XXXL.
  • We’ve also added a couple other new items for you. We hope you like them.


36 comments to 2014 MINIs on Top Registration is CLOSED

  • Steve Nik

    Registered. Went smooth. New shirts rock. Thanks



  • Ada

    Just registered & have room at attatish. YAY! Now all we have to do is wait 4 months. UGH

  • Adam

    I saw a business card with this website at the auto show in Boston. We don’t have a MINI but my kids would love to see that many in one place. Is the road closed to the public that day?

  • blalor

    Hi, Adam! The Auto Road is open to the public until about 6pm. The MINIs will be gathering at the base, usually starting around 3pm. So you and your kids could easily spend part of the day on the mountain and still get to see all the MINIs before we take off for the summit!

  • Congratulations on the organization, everything looks great! Hope it’s another great year for everyone

  • Adam

    Thank you so much for responding. I know that my kids would really enjoy it. Definitely going to try to make the journey.

  • tracey

    I have a season pass for the auto road. Can I use that or do I still need to pay to go up?

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Tracey, Sadly you cannot use your season pass. Because MINIs on Top is a private “sunset” event and the Auto Road is closed to only MINIs on Top. You will need an Auto Road pass to drive with us to the summit. Sorry.

  • Eddie

    Where’s the preferred place to discuss dates/times/feeder drives etc? the site is still a bit outdated… would that be FB? some forum?

    Just registered, but trying to figure out my exact lodging and days I’d be using up for this…

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Eddie, FB is a good place to chat with other people going to MOT. You can also go to for the event schedule and accommodation options. We will be posting more on feeder events soon as we are just about to start work on that.

  • Melanie

    We are registered once again! I did not see any question on the registration for names of those attending. Are there going to be printed name tags this year?

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Melanie, We will be doing dash cards for your MINI and a matching name tag for the driver/registrant. I know this is different to past years but as new organizers we are still learning as we go.

  • Melanie

    No problem! Just curious. Thanks.

  • Jeannie Savoie

    Will there be a scavenger hunt this year ?

  • oOoOoo I wanna come!!! oh and i own a photo booth company.. u think we need one ;)

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Minh – Thank you for your interest and offer. MINIs on Top already has a photo booth set-up.

  • I registered but missed the Road Passes as an option. Going back to add them requires me to purchase another registration for the event itself. When I remove the event from the cart it puts it back in. If someone can help me buy two road passes, I’d be most grateful.

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Kurt – I will respond to you by e-mail. We can help you add the Auto Road passes.

  • Melody


    The Auto Road passes are tickets for us to drive up the mountain, correct? I’m confused between the Auto Road passes and the $25 registration as I thought that that’s what I had to pay to drive up the mountain. This will be my first year joining you guys, so I am not familiar with what’s going on. Also, how late will we be driving up the mountain and how long does it take to get up there? Will it still be bright when we reach the peak? I think I read somewhere that we drive up as late as 6 pm? Is it possible to just meet you guys at the Loon the day of? I do not think that I will be able to come up on Friday.


  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Melody
    The Auto road charges us per person, not per car. MOT is a private sunset drive and not open to anyone other than us. The Auto Road closes the mountain just for us MINIacs. MOT also gets charged for the tent, tables and chairs, and the porta-potties. The prices for this year’s event are in line with previous years. I hope this helps explain everything.

  • Melody

    Okay, then what does the $25 registration include? Also, do you have the itinerary for this year’s event? I’m not staying overnight, hence I need to know where to meet at any point in time. Thanks.

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Melody
    The registration fee covers all the additional overhead costs associated with the event (including printing, shipping, etc.). It also gets you access to all the other activities like Sundaes of Friday, Breakfast Saturday morning, Access to Loon (including the afternoon rallies) as well as giving you access to the draw to participate in the Mt. Washington Observatory tour. You also get access to the Saturday evening social (with entertainment provided) after Mt. Washington. I hope this answers your question.

    You can find the full event schedule by following the link below.

  • Shaun Liebskind

    Hi Melody,

    I just ordered a mini and it is scheduled for June delivery. What is the latest day I can register for the event? I want to make sure I have my car before I register. On another note, is the official hotel for the event pet friendly?



  • Shaun Liebskind

    Hi Melody,

    Can my dog make the trip up the auto road for the sunset drive?



  • Wayne McLennan

    Attitash is not a pet friendly hotel. There are other hotels in the area that are. Here’s a link to some other options:

    Also pets are not permitted to ascend Mt. Washington. Sorry.

  • Shaun Liebskind

    Thanks for all the info. Can I bring my dog to the Loon Mountain part of the event?



  • Wayne

    Shaun, Yes Pets are welcome at Loon.

  • Kathy

    We are staying with friends up there this year. They are not mini owners but would like to come with us to events (not to the top). Can we register them? They will be driving (gasp) a non mini little sports car. We are already registered. We are trying to convert them.

  • ADA

    When will the registration packages be going out?
    I’m so excited, cant wait. 41 days,9 hours to go!

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Ada

    Registration packets will be mailed on May 27th. They should show up in your mail box just a few short days after that.

  • Frank

    Hi Wayne,

    Is there a URL with the t-shirt/sweatshirt designs?

    Also please clarify the dog policy, Service Animals are allowed by law.

    Previously dogs could make the journey up the mountain but could not go in the tent at the bottom. Has this policy changed?

    Thanks very much for all the time and effort you are putting forth for all of us.

    Frank in Vermont

  • Richard

    I just registered, my wife and I are excited to be able to come this year, now that we have a Mini. I wanted to order a T shirt, but only saw the Sweat Shirt. Will the T shirts be available at the event?

  • Wayne McLennan

    Shirt sales have closed due to the time needed to order, manufacturer and ship. We will have shirts for sale at MINIs on Top.