MOT2014 Registration Opening Soon!

We’re close, very close. Registration will be opening very soon. Stay tuned to and for registration links.

5 comments to MOT2014 Registration Opening Soon!

  • ADA

    YAY!!! Can’t wait! Only 4 months to go!
    What color are this years tee shirts going to be?

  • Wayne McLennan

    Hi Ada – This year the shirt colors are Black (as well as the usual white option). We are also offering a hooded sweatshirt for the first time. It can be cold at the Mt. Washington summit, even in June…

  • ADA

    LOVE the sweatshirts! It can be very cold in June!

  • Matt Libby

    I am part of a small but growing group from Maryland that would like to attend this event. Could someone please provide a location that this rally starts at? Looking forward to my first MOT, I am from Maine originally and haven’t been up Mt. Washington for years. Motor on.

  • Wayne McLennan

    Matt. The event schedule is posted at There will be a number of feeder rallies that usually take place. We will post information on those as it becomes available.