We have good – no, GREAT – news!

We’re thrilled to announce that Wayne McClennan, Vanessa Ferrari, and a few of their friends involved with Central Mass MINIs have stepped up to take on the event coordination for MINIs on Top. We had a great first meeting with them last weekend and we’re very excited to be passing them the torch. You’ll be happy to know that they are all MINI and MOT enthusiasts committed to keeping the event the same but with some new twists and turns that will make it their own.

So it is now official – the 12th annual MINIs on Top is scheduled for June 21, 2014!

After another great year in 2013, the Attitash Grand Summit will be the base hotel. The Attitash is a timeshare hotel and resort centrally located in Bartlett, NH between the Kancamagus Highway and the Mount Washington Auto Road. Please call (800) 223-7669 to book your room and be sure to ask for the MINIs on Top rate. Please note: the special rate is not available for booking online.

We are excited that this group has agreed to take on this MOTumental task (sorry – I couldn’t pass that up) and know that next year’s event will be another huge success.  Stay tuned for more information.

Happy motoring,
Sarah & Richard

23 comments to We have good – no, GREAT – news!

  • Don

    It’s Official! Yeah!

    I am looking forward to working with Wayne and Vanessa to keep the MOT moving forward!

  • Bob

    Great News. To the new group taking this on, A BIG THANK YOU.

  • Dave

    My family had a great time at our first MOT this year. Thank you very much for taking this on and allowing it to continue! I know we’ll be back in 2014.

  • Fred Sillner

    Awesome…..Here to help as needed !!

  • Steve

    That’s awesome. Kudos to those who are taking on the challenge. I went to my first MOT this year and met a lot of great people. It’s good to know I will get to see many of them again at MOT 2014.

  • Roberta Culbert-Costley

    Very happy to hear this! Still have my duck and my antenna ball on display from my first MOT this year!


    Thank you to those who have stepped up to take the reins! Hubby and I are happy to continue our volunteer support. We look forward to working with all of you. See you in 2014!

  • Steve & Heather Moss

    Steve and I are so excited there will be MoT 2014 (our 5th)! Put us on the list for anything we can help out with.

  • Brian Rushby

    Congrats to the new team for taking on this project!! And thanks to Sarah & Richard for all their hard work on the past events that they organized! Thumbs up to everyone!

  • Michael P ALbert

    I am delighted to hear the news – AWESOME TERRIFIC. WHen can I sign up? Am ready;–)

  • Maryfrances

    Looking forward to working with this great group to make next years event a huge success.

  • Sue

    I have never taken part in this. I would love to … Is this something I could do alone? I am not sure I have any friends it would interest. I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Also do you know if there is a group that goes from my area.

  • Wayne

    Hi Sue. Yes, this is absolutely something you can do alone. There is a few Canadians that make the trip down for MoT. I will do some more digging and let you know more about that.

  • Hi, Sue. Like Wayne mentioned – you can absolutely attend MOT on your own. I attended my first MOT in 2006 all by myself. And while I technically traveled to the event on my own in 2007, I’d met so many great people the year before that it hardly felt like I’d gone myself.

    I don’t have access to the registration list right now so I can’t be too specific re: your specific region, but more than 10% of the participating cars in 2012 and 2013 came from Canada. Lots of them caravan together and they often all go out to dinner together on Friday night. I think they even all did a drive together on Saturday this past year.

    I hope this is helpful. I look forward to meeting you in 2014. Happy motoring – Sarah

  • Sue

    Hi Sarah and Wayne

    Thanks for the feedback. I am definitely interested! It sounds like a blast.

    Thanks …

  • Tracey

    That’s awesome news!!! It’s such a fun event :) MINI’S make me smile so LOTS of them make me really smile! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    I tried to book a room at Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and it is not available? Would they all be gone already?

    If so .. is there another hotel you would recommend?


  • Sue – Did you call or try to book online? You can’t book rooms for that weekend online, it needs to be done via phone. If you called and they said no rooms are available, then it sounds like they may be sold out, at least as of right now. If that’s the case, check out the other options listed on the Lodging page of this site. Best of luck.

  • Sue

    Thanks … I took your advice and called the hotel. I got my reservation. Yayyyy … for anyone else … I did get the last room. They are completely booked for that weekend.

    Thanks again. As its my first Mini on Top and I am travelling alone. I really wanted to stay at this hotel.


  • I’m glad to hear it, Sue. Everybody else, please note: The Attitash Grand Summit will keep a wait list and more rooms do get added to the block as owners release their rooms between now and the event.

  • Sue

    Ok .. only 1 more question? When does registration start? I am sure its on this website. I just cannot find it.

    Yayyy … cannot wait!

  • Sue

    Ok .. I found it. Registration will be opening up as early as January.

  • ADA

    I just called Attatish and got a room! So excited. It did not sound like they were out of rooms to me.