MINIs on Top registration is closing soon

So haven’t you had enough time to decide? When you already know that you really want to be there? 287 other MINI drivers are registered, and they’re bringing 264 passengers.

Anyway, time’s just about up. Registration will close on Saturday, June 15, at 10 AM. So act now, or leave your MINI in the driveway on June 21.

5 comments to MINIs on Top registration is closing soon

  • m2smith

    This sounds like the biggest MoT evah!

  • DanM

    Did you see a spike in registrations recently? Yesterday’s I received an email blast from MINIUSA included a shout-out to MoT.


    MINIUSA also posted something on their Facebook. It’s nice to see them promoting MINI events nationally!

    See you all in a week!

    ~Mrs. G.

  • woops...

    If I missed registration is there anything stopping me from just meeting up on my own accord?

    Thanks in advance!

  • woops – Sorry. You can’t attend any portion of the event without being registered. Maybe next year…