I got a belly full of whiskey and a head full of bad ideas

… a fire in my heart that’s been smoldering for years.  Put on a pretty little party dress and I’ll bring a case of beer.  We’ll get together and we’ll make us a plan.  You’ll be my woman and I’ll be your man.  Maybe not forever but tonight I am the one you’ve been waiting on. – Bad Idea, Soon to be released album, Melvern Taylor & His Fabulous Meltones (One of my favorite songs by one of my very favorite bands.)

They’ll play this and lots of their other hits at the party on Saturday night at MOT.  Learn more about the band here.  You can check them out live at Toad in Porter Square in Cambridge, Mass. every other Thursday at 7.  They have a show there tonight.  I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find me, Brian, and Shannon there.  Richard and Lynn too if you’re extra super-duper lucky.

Did I mention that Melvern plays a ukulele?!? I’m telling you – you’ll love them.

A few other favorite Melvern lyrics collected from fellow MOTers: “I’d sell my soul for an hour of peace and quiet.” – Love Songs for Losers; “Let’s go bowling in Billerica.  And we can smoke some pot out in the parking lot. Tell your mama she can stay at home coz we don’t need no chaperone, tonight we’re going bowling.” – Bowling in Billerica; “She was lookin’ hungry when she first came in.  100 pounds of silicone and heroin. I bought us both a couple rounds of gimlets gin and I woke up with a head full of hurt and I’d tell you but the story gets worse…” – Angel on My Shoulder

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