10th Annual MOT Observatory Tour – Deadline to enter is June 9

Yes, it is time to put your name(s) in the hat!

The MOT Observatory Tour is a unique insider’s look at the world famous Mount Washington Observatory. Intrepid observers went out into the howling winds 77 years ago to get the anemometers working and recording the 231 mph winds, the fastest wind recorded on the surface of the Earth at a manned observatory.

The 1-hour tour takes 48 people (three groups of 16) into the working area, crew quarters, the turret (where you can really feel the full force of the wind or see for miles and miles in every direction) and the museum. Meet the observers who work there around the clock, in all kinds of weather, and ask all the questions and take all the photos you want. (Marty may agree to be photographed, but only if he thinks you’re worth it.)

(Some great pictures from a previous year’s observatory tour can be seen on Josh Wardell’s site)

Here is the deal:

The Obs Tour is too popular for the number of people who would like to go. Therefore, everyone who has not been on the tour before that expresses interest by June 9 gets his or her name put into a drawing. I then draw the winners and notify them.

The cost is $7.00 per person (12 years old and older; under 12 are free). The fee is in addition to your MOT registration, etc. Every penny of this fee goes directly to the Mount Washington Observatory. The fee is collected – in cash – on the Saturday of our drive to the Top.

We depart before the annual festivities under the tent have concluded so, yes, you will be able to see the sunset (unless clouds blowing by at 95 mph obscure the orb).

If you’re interested, send an email to with your name and the name of the others who will be riding in your MINI. Indicate which people are age 12 or over. One name is put into the hat but everyone in the MINI with that person goes on the Obs Tour. Please do NOT try to sign up by adding a comment to this post or replying to the email blast.

Due to the continued popularity of the Obs Tour, no one who has been on the tour before can enter this year’s drawing. (Sorry, but you can go almost anytime if you become a member of the Mount Washington Observatory)

Again, the deadline to enter this drawing is June 9. Hope to see you On Top! If you have any questions, please contact Pete via

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