MOT = Feel good fun

While MINIs on Top is not a fundraising event, we’ve given nearly $85,000 to charity since 2004.  Proceeds from MOT2013 will be donated to two very worthy causes that past MOT-ers will be familiar with:

  • We will help grant wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions through the Make-a-Wish Foundation® of New Hampshire.  To learn more about the Make-a-Wish Foundation® of New Hampshire and some of the heart-warming wishes they’ve granted, visit 
  • We will continue our support of the world-renowned climate research conducted at the Mt. Washington Observatory with 6.288% of the proceeds in honor of the mountain’s elevation – 6,288’.  To learn more about the Mt. Washington Observatory and all of the super-cool things they do, or to take a peek at the view on top of Mt. Washington right now (!), visit

100% of the money raised through raffle ticket sales goes to our benefitting charities.  Something to keep in mind when the volunteer at the merchandise table asks if you would like the change from your purchase in cash or raffle tickets.

5 comments to MOT = Feel good fun

  • Fred Sillner

    Has registration started, opened up for MOT 2013. My third Mini over 10 years…Time I make the trip!!

  • Fred – Not yet. We’re shooting for late-March. We’ll announce when it opens on the website. While it’s first-come, first-served, it will likely stay open until at least early June.

  • Roberta Culbert-Costley

    I hope I don’t miss it….I may not be Internet accessible at the end of the month…

  • blalor

    Don’t worry, Roberta; just make sure you book your room. Registration was open late into June last year, so as long as you can get online before the end of May you’ll be just fine. :-)

  • Armen

    We may register by postal mail this year, as long as the USPS stays in business! Isn’t there one (or more?!) person who regularly registers for MOT via postal mail every year?