The most important meal of the day

I am thrilled to announce that one of our long-time supporters, Lyon-Waugh (aka MINI of Peabody and MINI of Bedford), will be hosting breakfast on Saturday morning in the MOTORoom again this year. This is an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends and make some new ones before caravanning over to Loon.  It’s also a great time to eat lots of bacon.

This event, like all other events in the MOTORoom at the Attitash Grand Summit, is open to all MOTers, not just those staying at the base hotel.  I hope to see you there.

Thank you, Lyon-Waugh!

13 comments to The most important meal of the day

  • blalor

    Will there be bacon?

  • Brian – That is quite possibly the silliest question I have ever heard. It is a MOT breakfast – of course there will be bacon.

  • blalor

    Yay! I like bacon.

  • shawn

    One step closer to sign ups,I can smell the bacon!

  • Al

    Speaking of sign-ups, will there be an email mass mailing announcing this much anticipated event? Bacon & home fries with toast, yum!

  • Al – If you sign up for our announce-only mailing list on the page titled “Mailing List” (, then you will get an email when we open registration, as well as any other time we update the site. If you do not sign up, well, then you’ll need to keep checking the site. Registration will most likely open in mid to late March this year. Thanks.

  • NHRef

    Thanks, L-W! A MINI breakfast is a great way to start the day – especially since L-W and Attitash also make the effort to have the bacon ready so the early rising organizers can have a quick bite, too. I need that extra energy to navigate Bear Notch Road en route to setting up the lot at Loon!

  • ScoobyShannon

    Looking forward to another awesome breakfast thanks to Lyon-Waugh

  • Theo

    Again, Lyon-Waugh steps up to the plate (?) BIG TIME! I’ve told all my friends about MINIs On Top and the support that MoP/MoB give to the event. I think several of them have recently purchased their MINIs at the dealerships. Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring their new MINIs to MOT this year!

    Thanks, L-W!

  • Armen

    Wahoo! Thanks again L-W! Can’t wait to indulge in the copious amount of bacon that you provide!

  • Kevin

    Thanks Lyon-Waugh for being such a great supporter of our event!

  • Scho09

    Thank you L-W for once again supporting this great event!

  • Sheena

    Thank you so much for your support over the years, Lyon-Waugh! We love the early morning breakfast and appreciate you guys taking this huge task over!!