Will there be a MOT 2014? That could be up to you!

When Sarah and I took over running MINIs on Top, we committed to taking the event through its 10th year. That was MOT 2012. Here we are — mostly enthusiastically — planning the 11th annual MINIs on Top. But this will be the last one for us. So, if there is to be another event after this year, it will depend on someone else stepping in to take over.

The best way for that to happen would be for our replacements to work with us on the event this year, so we’re getting the word out now. If you’re interested, or just want to know more, let us know. If you’re nearby, we’ll buy you a beer and tell you how easy it is to run this event. (Okay, maybe it will take 2 beers.)

Truth is, while taking this on is a big commitment and it can be pretty time consuming, the event is very well organized and it can happen year-to-year without any significant changes. Registration is working well online. All the important vendors for things like t-shirts, clings, and catering are old friends by now. We have a good list of people who have donated to the raffle in the past, and the dealers have been great about sponsoring key parts of the event. Also, we’ll still be available for consultation, just like our predecessors (Steve, Ian, Michael, and Theo) have been for us.

The way the event is organized lends itself pretty well to a team approach for planning, so if you can con or cajole some friends into joining you as the next ruling cabal for MINIs on Top, all the better. We’ll help you make a smooth transition to taking our place, we’ll be around to provide advice if asked, and we’ll otherwise stay out of the way and let you make your own mark on the event.

And, if nobody steps up, we can all get together at Attitash Grand Summit at 9 pm on June 23, 2013, and celebrate the end of a great run for MINIs on Top.

Motor on,
Sarah & Richard

4 comments to Will there be a MOT 2014? That could be up to you!

  • NHRef

    As someone who has been to every MOT, I can vouch for the fact Sarah and Richard have done an outstanding job as chief organizers, as did Steve, Ian, Michael and Theo before them.

    Well done, you two!

    One part of MOT is the Observatory Tour, now in its 10th year (we didn’t know we could take tours the first year). If it will help you to make the decision to step up and lead or otherwise help run MOT, please know that I am willing to continue organizing that bit of MOT.

    We will have new leaders for 2014 while no doubt having many people willing to help them. Please be one of them.


  • Josh Wardell

    Hey now, don’t forget there already is a team of us that will continue to assist in the many planning tasks, no need for friend cajoling!

  • Is register for 2013 started yet

  • blalor

    Not yet! We’ll announce it on the website when it opens, tho!