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We are announcing the return of the Friday morning gathering at Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, MA on June 21 for those folks coming from western MA, western CT, and NY. The Yankee Candle caravan has long been a tradition for many MINIs On Top attendees and offers a chance to socialize, shop, and create a large “pod” of MINIs/Minis traveling together to the White Mountains.

Again this year we will leave the Yankee Candle lot at 11:00 am and travel to Bedford, NH to meet-up with the Boston Caravan at the MINI of Bedford facility.

MINIs/Minis will begin to arrive at Yankee Candle at 9:00 am for a 10:30 am route meeting and then an 11:00 am departure for MINI of Bedford. Travel time to MoB should be a little over two hours. The caravan will not stop en-route, so make sure your MINI’s tank is full and that your own tank is not.  We should arrive at MoB around 1:00 pm.

From Bedford, NH, the combined Yankee Candle and Boston caravans will depart about 2:00 pm with an anticipated arrival at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel around 4:30 pm. While most of the combined caravan will be taking the direct route to Attitash, you are free to devise your own routes from MoB to Attitash and hoodwink other folks into following you!

Registration has closed. 

Please register by posting a comment below, be sure to include the number of people coming in your MINI.

Things to consider:

  • No route maps will be provided on the day of.  Please review or print the Google Map driving directions from Yankee Candle to MINI of Bedford before meeting us at Yankee Candle.
  • MINIs on Top Registration is required to participate.
  • You may want to bring a bag lunch for our Bedford, NH destination.
  • Fill up with gas before meeting us at Yankee Candle.  We will not be stopping en-route.
  • If you have a FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie radio, we will be on channel 7 (sub-channel 0).

Yankee Candle
25 Greenfield Road South Deerfield, MA
10:30am route meeting, 11am departure

mini_christmas Jolly St. Alec

 Who’s Coming?

Theo & Carol Matthias (2) [YC Route Coordinators]
Monika and Gary Montgomery (2)
Bob Whitney (1)
Claudio Miceli (2)
Paul Tartaglia (2)
David Read (4)
Jason Hurley (2)
James and Ann Crawford (2)
Ken and Connie (2)
Pete and Liz (2)
Erika and Steve (2)
Holly and Mike (2)
Jeff Perkins (2)
Dan Dykas (4)
Mona Garray (2)
Nick Heege (2)
Ric Haskins (joining en route)
Don Kindred (2)
Fred Sillner (1)
Steve Lee (1)
Melanie and Tom (joining en route)

29 comments to Yankee Candle Caravan

  • Gary & Monika Montgomery

    We plan on joining the Yankee Candle Caravan. See you there!
    Monika & Gary Montgomery

  • Tim Tryon

    I will be joining the caravan, no passengers.


  • Jeff West

    Patty and I will not be able to do the caravan this year (morning commitments ) Have fun and we’ll see you in the Whites!

  • Bob Whitney

    I will be there alone this year. If we’re planning to make the ice cream stop again, I would suggest an earlier departure, we almost missed the Bedford gathering last year.

  • Claudio Miceli

    I will be joinig with 1 passenger

  • Paul Tartaglia

    I plan on being there +1.
    And i second Bob’s comment.

  • David Read

    I will be there with 3 passengers

  • Jason Hurley

    I will be there +1

  • Theo

    Carol and I will be leading the YC “pod” to MoB this year. We will be taking a non-stop route that leaves Yankee Candle at 11:00 am (SHARP). Please review the directions above and print them out if you wish.

    There will not be an ice cream stop this year, but don’t worry: Friday night in the MOTor Room at Attitash is “Sundae on Friday” brought to you by Greasy’s Garage!

  • james crawford

    Ann and I will be there

  • Tim Tryon

    Unfortunately, I am going to have to back out of the caravan this year. :(

  • Ken Farr

    Ken and Connie will be there

  • Melanie Presnell

    Is anyone coming through Keene, NH rather than going to Bedford?
    I am in Keene and have to work until noon.
    In years past folks stopped in Keene…haven’t been to MOT since 2010.
    Looking forward to join again.

  • Theo


    This year’s YC Caravan will be going through the rotary in Keene. We’ll be coming up to the rotary on Rt.10 and will exit the rotary onto Rt. 101E. If you’d like to meet us, you may want to wait on the shoulder of 101E about a 1/4 east of the rotary. We should be through that area between 11:50 and 12:05. Can you leave a bit early?

  • Erika Sautman

    Steve, me and our two dogs will be at the YC and ready to motor! Can’t wait to see everyone!

  • Melanie

    Thanks! I’ll see what I can do with my schedule and get out a bit early.
    I might wait on Rt. 10 just before the rotary as they are doing construction on the bridge just after the rotary on Rt. 101 or just after the next set of lights as there is more room on the side of the road there.
    We are bringing two MINIs this year. Our family has grown! My husband might wait in Peterborough at 101 and 202 plaza.
    I’ll let you know. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • Holly Greeley

    Mike and I will be there with our furry friend Diva.

  • Jeff Perkins

    I will be there with 1 passenger.

  • Dan Dykas

    I’ll be there with three passengers.

  • Mona Garray

    We will join the group, there will be two of us, thanks

  • nick

    ill be ther plus 1 passanger

  • nick heege

    me plus 1

  • Ric Haskins

    I am glad to read that Theo has declared no detours to the woods of Jaffery this year. That means I may have a chance to join the caravan. Last year I sat waiting and waiting and … This year I would like to attempt to join again mid-route in the Peterborough area. Now that I know that there is no cell coverage at the top of Temple Mountain, I am planning to wait on the side of Rt 101 just east of the Peterborough rotary. I have checked it out and there is cell coverage there and I can look up the hill to see your lights dancing down the hill – enjoy the rumble strips.

    For the head count – I’m doing this solo this.

    Melanie, if you husband wants to hang with, I’ll be there from 12:10 onwards.

  • Steve Lee

    No ice cream? Booo!!!! :(

  • Theo

    @Steve – are you coming to the YC Caravan?

  • Don Kindred (Cooopa)

    Myself and my Son -

  • Melanie Presnell

    @ Theo, I can get out of work early! I’ll meet you all just after the first set of lights on 101E in Keene. Yesterday traffic was backed up to the rotary in Keene due to the bridge work.

    @Ric, Thank you. I’ll let Tom know where you will be and when. He has to work a bit in the morning too. You will recognize his green Cooper convertible :) If he can’t make the Peterborough pass-through he’ll meet us in Bedford.

  • theo


    Sounds perfect! Look for the white Countryman with black stripes and a line of about 20 MINIs with their lights on!!!!!

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