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The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group has stepped up again as the host for the official start to MINIs On Top 2013!  The team at MINI of Bedford will have a few surprises for us, so it is important to register if you plan to attend.

The Boston-area Caravan and the Yankee Candle Caravan will converge at MINI of Bedford at 1:00 pm on Friday, June 21.  Here you will have the chance to meet and greet your fellow motorers, use restrooms, and if you bring a bag!

We will stay at MoB until about 2:00 pm then depart for a non-stop drive up I-93 to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.

Direct route (2:09): MINI of Bedford to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel

Scenic route (2:46): MINI of Bedford to the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel (Via Kancamagus Hwy)

Registration has closed.

Meeting us at MoB?    Please register by posting a comment below, be sure to include the number of people coming in your MINI.
Coming with a caravan?    Please register on the respective caravan page: Boston-area caravan or Yankee Candle caravan

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Registering” to attend the meet-up at MINI of Bedford by including your name below does not register you to attend MINIs On Top.  If you plan to attend any part of the MINIs on Top event, you need to register for the full event here: 2013 MINIs on Top Registration.

MINI of Bedford
209 S. River Road Bedford, NH  
1pm arrival, 2pm departure


Who’s Meeting at MoB? (Not in either caravan)
Brittany and Ryan
Diana and Len
Scott and Kate
Heather and Steve
Michelle and Bob
Ryan and Dennis
Marty and Shelly
Kathy S
Pete and Val
Kathy and Bob
Brian and Sarah
Jack Metcalf +1
Steve Crossman
Suzz and Brett Cromwell
Michael and Renee Kirkpatrick
Christine Clarenbach
Lee Wilson
Nick and Sadie Koutalakis
Karen and Don
Shawn and Nan
Gregg and Melanie
Joanie and Norm Goodman
Bob and Shawn
Mike Frey
Ben and Dorothy
Jen Crowley
John MacDonald and Karen
Andy and Anne
Dan and Annie
Jose, Rachel, and George

44 comments to MINI of Bedford Meeting Point

  • Ryan DeLaHaye

    Brittany and I will be meeting at MINI of Bedford but will not be in either caravan.

    this is going to be a great year! here’s hoping for awesome weather.

  • Len Amadeo

    Diana and I will meet at MINI of Bedford for the caravan.

  • Len Amadeo

    Looking forward to our first MOT.

  • RigStig

    Katie & I will be at MoB with the Pocket Rocket. Not sure if there’s an unofficial VT Caravan being formed yet or not – anyone feel free to contact me if you’re interested!

    Scott & Katie

  • Heather & Steve Moss

    We will be driving down from New Brunswick to join everyone at MoB. Any one coming from Atlantic that wants to drive down with us let me know so we can coordinate departure times from Moncton.

  • Michelle and bob Frawley will be meeting at mob

    Can’t wait for our 1st mot

  • caroline kava

    m e and jack will be coming from the boston caravan

  • Ryan Frawley and Dennis Frawley

    We will be there! Coming from pa!

  • Marty and Shelly Dunn

    Purchased our little coop the week after last year’s event. Been waiting 51 weeks to take this trip in 2013. Will meet at MOB. Prefer taking the Kancamagus route.

  • Marty and Shelly Dunn

    So, I got this announcement 10 minutes ago and called the hotel to book a room only to discover it is sold out. Any suggestions?

  • Kathy S

    will be meeting at Mob but not sure yet if acaravan or direct trip!

  • Kevin

    Sorry to hear Attitash is sold out. Check out for other suggestions.

  • martha & Glory

    I am registered for Minis on top, but will be driving up to the event on that day (Saturday), would love to hook up with a NH group to take Kanc route? Any suggestion as to when we can hook up with others on saturday?

  • Kevin

    Right now I am not aware of a caravan leaving on Saturday, but keep an eye on If one pops up we will add it to that main feeder page. Also, keep in mind the Kanc route is typically driven after the gathering and driver’s meeting at Loon on Saturday morning. (Check the event schedule for more info)

  • Pete and Val

    First timer here! Looking forward to it. We’ll meet you all over at MoB to join the festivities. Happy motoring until then!

  • Marty

    Thought I would provide some feedback. I am a new Mini owner and this in my first trip to Mt. Washington. I participated in the December Christmas Light trip to Loudon organized by the dealership and got the impression the Mt. Washington Trip was also something organized by you folks. When I received an email on May 17th inviting me to participate I registered and provided all the info requested. I reviewed the links, found a hotel room and printed the agenda. I did not notice anything about the need to register with someone else. Yesterday, I researched how to purchase T shirts and accidentally discovered that the registration I did with you meant nothing to the people organizing the actual trip.
    So, my suggestion is that you check with other people who might have no history about how this event is organized and make sure they did everything required (which is more than registering with the dealership). Thanks again for hosting one of the meeting points, and being a great bunch of employees. Marty

  • blalor

    Hi, Marty. I think there’s a misconception we need to clear up right off the bat. MINIs on Top is a completely separate event from anything organized by any dealership. You wrote the above like you intended it for the fine folks at MINI of Bedford, but we ain’t them; we are in fact “the people organizing the actual trip”. :-) That’s everything you see here at I’m sorry you were confused about the registration process, but it’s apparent that MoB has their own signup of some kind. MINIs on Top is a non-profit, volunteer-run grassroots event for and by MINI (and Mini!) enthusiasts. We’re not affiliated with any dealerships, although we do invite them to participate by attending or sponsoring some of our gatherings on the event weekend, and they often generously donate items to the raffle.

    We apologize for the confusion, and we’re excited you’re joining us for your first MoT, Marty!

  • Kathy and Bob

    At this point we are planning to meet at MoB . Will not be going up to the top but would like to meet up anyways. We are staying in the Lincoln area

  • Hi, Kathy and Bob. If you are attedning any portion of MINIs on Top (which is detailed on the 2013 Event Schedule page of this website), you need to register to attend the event using the link on our registration page. If you are only attending the event at MINI of Bedford on Friday, then you do not need to register for MINIs on Top, but shouls be sure to let MINI of Bedford know you will be there.

  • Kevin – I am pretty sure Brian and I will be attending the MoB meet-up again this year.

  • Jack Metcalf

    You can count me in. Thanks

  • Jack Metcalf

    There will be two of us.

  • Jeff and Nancy

    This will be our first MoT having just gotten our Mini. We will not be in either caravan but would be very interested in meeting to drive up Saturday morning.

  • Steve Crossman

    I live near Manchester so I will not be in either caravan but will meet up with them at MoB for the remainder of the ride up (scenic). 1 person, no passenger. Thanks!

  • Hi, Friends! We’ll DEFINITELY caravan from MINI of Bedford on June 21st so please add us to the list (Suzz & Brett Cromwell). We’ll be in our Clubbie “Knox.” Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • Cidalia Schwartz

    Sycurtis- Here are a few more people that are planning on meeting at MOB
    Michael & Renee Kirkpatrick
    Christine Clarenbach
    Lee Wilson
    Nick & Sadie Koutalakis
    Thank you!!

  • Karen and Don Olmstead

    Planning to meet at MOB

  • Shawn Perry

    Shawn and Nan Perry will be meeting at Mini of Bedford! 1st Mini’s on Top!

  • Kathy and Bob

    We are all registered – here & MoT (although not going to the actual top) – looking forward to seeing all.

  • NHRef

    I will join the caravan from MOB to MOT. I will be alone but not lonely.

  • Gregg and Melanie

    We will be joining the caravan from Mini of Bedford. Looking forward to a great time.

  • Joanie and Norm Goodman

    We will be meeting at Mini of Bedford. Looking forward to it.

  • Bob

    My son Shawn and myself will be joining the caravan at MOB. Our first MOT event.

  • Heidi

    NHRef: say wha’?? Your lovely bride will not be joining us this year? Tell her we’ll miss her!! See you then!

  • Heidi

    PS – So excited to see all the newbies! And looking forward to seeing old friends as well!

  • Mike Frey

    We will be there with our MoB Countryman

  • Ben

    Ben and Dorothy will be meeting at MoB (plus our two pups)

  • Jen Crowley

    I will be there with Grover, my surf blue Countryman S! Can’t wait!

  • John MacDonald & Karen

    We are coming over to MoB to start our trekk to the grand summit event MOT, We have attended MOT 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011– now 2013!! See me at the BOOT SALE for mini small treasures. Our faithful ride is ” MacMini ” a 2004 MCS Black on Black w/pansonic rims, YELLOW HAPPY FACE BALLL on the antenna, and a hint of burble.
    Looking forward to meeting all at MOB !!! Have the Walkie Talkie set to 7.0
    John and Karen :)

  • John MacDonald & Karen

    We will meet at MOB. thanks .

  • Andy Petrie

    Anne and I will be meeting at MINI of Bedford for the caravan on Friday in our 2013 Roadster S…

  • DanM

    Annie and I will be meeting at MINI of Bedford for the caravan Friday. Thanks!

  • Jose Franco

    3 of us coming in from NY

  • outatime

    The Spouse and I hope to catch up to people at MINI of Bedford tomorrow. Better late than never. :-p

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