Bavarian Autosport Caravan

Bavarian Autosport, a great supporter of MINIs On Top, has once again offered to host a feeder caravan for MINIs On Top.  This caravan is perfect for those who want to leave later in the afternoon on Friday or live eastern New England.

Folks can meet at Bavarian Autosport in Portsmouth, NH starting at 1:00pm.  The group will depart for the Attitash Grand Summit at 2:30pm.  There will be a BBQ lunch and refreshments for all!  Plus show your MOT registration and receive 15% off your entire order (excludes sale items)

Veteran MOTer’s, Dave Schofield and Nancy Kanner will lead the caravan to Attitash.  The route to Attitash is the scenic (and winding) Rt 153 through the lakes on the NH/Maine border.

If you are interested in this caravan please comment below or RSVP to: with the number of people in your MINI.

Things to consider:

  • Fill up with gas before meeting us at Bavarian Autosport.  We will not be stopping en-route.
  • If you have a FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie radio, we will be on channel 7 (sub-channel 0).


Bavarian Autosport
275 Constitution Ave.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
1:00pm arrival, 2:30pm departure

Who’s Coming?
Dave and Nancy (caravan leaders)
Adele and Dale
Tina and Wil
Brian and Diana
Steve and Heather
Mr. & Mrs. G (joining en route)
Joan +1
Sue and Sandy
Chyllene +1

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