MoT 2012 Call for Photos!

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Going, Going … Gone?

Another MINIs on Top is gone, but don’t let it be forgotten! Did you take an unusually large number of pictures of your favorite MINI? Did you fill up all your camera cards and get threatened with bodily harm if you didn’t point that bleeping camera at something else? Then we’re looking for you! Post a link to your photos in the comments below. We’ll be curating links and doing a mega-post in the next week of our favorite pictures. Did you know we have a Flickr group? You should totally add your pictures to that, too.

Edit: If your comment doesn’t show up and doesn’t say it’s awaiting moderation, it’s probably been flagged as spam. If you’ll kindly send an email to, I’ll make sure it’s rescued. Or you can also just email the link to your photos! :-)

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