Lots of people to thank… #3

Are you ready for another terrific raffle this year?  We have so many great items.  Here are a bunch more we’ve collected over the last 1-2 weeks:

  • Herb Chambers MINI went above and beyond this year giving us more than a dozen items including a Baby Racer II, a Bonnet Stripe package, luggage, and even a folding MINI bike!
  • MINI of Warwick also took it up a notch donating a kayak rack (sweet!) and lots of cool MINI clothes.
  • MINI Moncton got involved again this year sending a box or two of items including a folding Countryman seat that I’m really looking forward to seeing.
  • Greasy’s Garage donated a D1 Spec Throttle Controller and some sure-to-be-useful gift cards.
  • MC2 Magazine donated three 1-year subscriptions plus some MC2-rabilia
  • Two of the nicest people in the world, Bob & Lori Cahill, donated two huge gift baskets – one with a picnic theme and the other with a lobster boil theme.  They both include a bottle of wine and some MINI items.
  • Our good friend and occasional translator, Kirk from Club MINI Quebec, sent along three Club MINI Quebec grocery bags from their club.
  • Sasha Purpura, a MOT alum, donated a $100 gift card to Plato’s Harvest good at their Cambridge, MA and Plymouth, MA  markets.
  • MOT attendee Dave Blake, aka Gray Raven, donated a limited edition MINI Coupe/Space Shuttle framed poster.  It’s pretty cool.
  • Another MOT attendee, Connie Guerin, reached out to me just yesterday.  She’s donating all supplies needed for a DIY oil change plus a gently used Haynes Workshop manual.
  • Thom – yes, just “Thom”, like “Cher” – donated $150 in gift certificates to Greasy’s Garage.  Woot!

I’m sure we’ll pick up a few more great items once we get to the event, but I think that covers it for now.  Please be sure to thank these folks when you see them this weekend.  These are all very generous donations that make the raffle more fun for all of us.

7 comments to Lots of people to thank… #3

  • Ian C.

    Thom is just like Cher! Let’s get him singing this year then :)


    I would like to thank all the participating MINI Dealers and other vendors for their generous contributions to this event. All of you far exceeded my expectations for this event. Thankfully the weather cooperated for the morning Loon get together so we could interact with the vendors. Thanks for all the freebies!!! On behalf of the PhillyMINI Members who attended, I’d like to say that you did a spectacular job!!

  • First MOT. We had a great time. Looking forward to next year’s event.

  • Mike D

    This was our fourth MOT. Each was wonderful. Even the bad weather adds to the fun. This year’s mud run coming down the Mountain lead to great stories at the Saturday Night Party. It was an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors for putting on this event. Obviously it is quite a bit of work. My wife and I live in Connecticut and want to support future MOT’s. The internet and Skype can reduce the distance and the need to meet in NH. The core organizing group does a lot of work which is truely appreciated. What can we do to help lighten the burden of putting on this event?

    BTW, my wife purchased a new Mini Countryman S on the way home. We transferred our luggage and ducks from our Clubmen to the new Countrymen at the dealership. (Our first grandchild is on the way so we need a car with 4-doors)

  • blalor

    “On the way home”? Talk about an impulse purchase! :-D

  • Mike D

    Yes, it was a bit of an impulse purchase. However, we have been talking about it for a few weeks. Our vehicle needs are changing and the Countrymen fit the requirements. We happened to be driving by New Country Mini in Hartford on our way home. This happens to be my wife’s Mini base and my Bimmer base so we stopped, found something that fit her requirements perfectly and bought it. :)

    He who hesitates is lost!

  • DanM

    Huge thanks to the volunteers! May your tank always be full and your roads free and twisty.