6th annual Concours D’Elegance (MINI-style)

The Concours D’Elegance is a competitive MINI car show that takes place while we all gather at the Loon lot on Saturday morning. However, unlike other car shows, MINI owners often go above and beyond to create spectacular displays! So while greeting friends new and old at Loon, be sure to stroll over to the Concours, check out the entries, and jot down your favorite MINI in each category on your voting ballot (included in your registration packet).

Entry into the Concours is open to anyone.  All you have to do is show up at Loon a bit early and tell the parking masters you wish to participate. They will tell you where to go. Don’t forget MINI owners are the ones voting, so usually the most fun wins—put on those creative thinking caps! Winners will be awarded under the tent at the base of Mt. Washington.

Please see the ballot sheet for more instructions, and feel free to email Josh at if you have any questions.

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