We have lots of people to thank…

While MINIs On Top is not a fundraising event – fun is our goal! – we’ve donated nearly $75,000 in event proceeds to charities over the last nine years.  Lots of those proceeds are from the sale of door prize tickets which can be purchased at the event for $1 each.  I’d like to take a moment to thank the individuals and companies who have donated items so far this year:

  • Don Kindred, who attended his first MINIs On Top last year, kindly reached out to me months ago to donate a Swarovski Limited Edition “Sunny Sam” duck  since he was so touched by the MOT story of the ducks.
  • Theo Matthias donated a never-used Mini Do More trailer hitch for an R53. (Can I call dibs?)
  • Ric & Lois Haskins picked up a couple MINI Amsterdam t-shirts for us when they visited the MINI dealer there earlier this year.
  • MossMINI read about MOT online and reached out to me.  They donated four $50 gift certificates!

And this is just the beginning! As usual, I’ll bundle up the items into especially-appealing packages just before the event so we’re not stuck under the tent calling raffle numbers all night.  Keep an eye on this site for more items you may want to get your hands on.

If you have any never-used or very-lightly-used MINI items you’d like to donate to the raffle, please email me at   Thank you.

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  • Marcus D

    Don’t forget to “Like” MossMINI on FB:

  • Thank YOU to Sarah for working with me and MossMINI to give us this opportunity to join in your event! We hope you have a blast and we miss being able to run our MINIs up the mountain with you.

    Happy Motoring Indeed!

    (And thank you Marcus for plugging our Facebook page!)

    Take care and thanks again from MossMINI.

  • Ada

    I’ve been meaning to ask, what is the story behind the
    little rubber duckies?

  • Ada

    PS – (I hit send to fast) Thank you every one who works so
    hard and the volunteers who do so much for this event.
    We would not have such a wonderful event to look forward to
    every year with our you all!!!

    OK, now what’s the story with the little rubber duckies?
    Thanks, ADA

  • Excerpted from a post Barb Webster was kind enough to submit last June:

    As a newbie, I too wondered the same thing until the guy giving out duckies at Loon gave me a hand-out with the following explanation:

    It all began with a Duck…

    The Big Duck, a well-known landmark, started it all. This landmark sits by a road in Hampton, Long Island and was happened upon during a MINI gathering some years ago. A one of a kind individual whom we all grew to love, frequented many an event; his name was Ed “MAXANINI” Smith. Ed drove a 2003 MCS, Electric Blue with white wheels – in Ed’s case it was Eccentric Blue. During Ed’s visit to the Long Island icon he was fascinated with the Big Duck and purchased a rubber duck souvenir at the gift shop. That duck immediately found a place on MAXAMINI’s antenna. Ever since then, the duck became an icon displayed on the MINIs of owners whom Ed met, greeted, or knew.

    Ed was always willing to lend a hand; he volunteered his time and good humor to MINIs on Top and the Make-A-Wish Toy runs. Ed’s dedication and enthusiasm ran endlessly, making friends and wise-cracking his way around the globe via MINI forums. When Ed met you for the first time he would present you with a duck. When you pass a MINI in your travels, take notice as to how many MINI owners sport a yellow rubber duck, all thanks to Ed.

    Ed passed away suddenly in the summer of 2005. The worldwide outpouring of affection for Ed demonstrated how one man could bond so many from England, Australia, the U.S., and beyond with a simple rubber duck.

    If you are fortunate to receive a Duck somewhere in your travels this is the story behind it. Please accept the Duck in memory of Ed. If you have a collection of ducks you have been around a while and understand. For those of you who receive a duck, please display it proudly. It’s always an excellent reminder to not take yourself too seriously and have fun!!”

  • Reed Desplaines

    I often womdered that same thing about the Ducks, I have a good collection my self from over the yrs and mini events. This will be our 4 yr going to MOT. And we’ve only had our mini for 4 yrs. it’s a great event and look forward to it every yr. thanks for the story.