Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks to all who participated, check back soon for the best-of photos and the official results.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate and photograph as many reconnaissance targets as quickly and accurately as possible. Teams will be given clues leading to various locations that must be visited and photographed, with time being adjusted for accuracy. Participants must provide their own digital camera.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt is a really fun, slightly challenging alternative to the traditional “Kanc and Franc” caravans from Loon to Mt. Washington. Scavenger hunt participants will be leaving before the caravans depart.

There is a $20 registration fee that covers the materials and prizes. The remaining proceeds will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation. The $20 fee can be paid at the Loon lot the day of the event.

There is a limit of 20 teams so don’t wait to register!

Note:  In order to give priority to first time participants those who participated in 2010 will be placed on a waiting list.  If we do not meet the 20 team limit you will be eligible to play, but will start with a time penalty to ensure fairness. 



Registered Teams:

1. Pocono MINI
2. Betty’s MINI
3. Ticky-Tacky Tourists
4. Black Magic MINI
5. Pura Vida
6. Moe’Lib-ations
7. Team Togga
8. Team Craig
9. Team Savoie
10. Mayfair-Hampton Shutterbugs
11. MINhattanItes
12. Team Mini Chunkyman
13. Miniloutte
14. Star power
15. MINIs on Toparazzi

Waiting list:
1. Way out West
2. Just Ducky

7 comments to Photo Scavenger Hunt!

  • Kevin

    Registration is half full! Sign up before its too late. Also, some folks have had a hard time submitting the registration. It works great with a desktop email client like Outlook, but for those of you using an internet, browser-based email like Gmail or Yahoo it is a few extra steps. If you are having trouble, manually save the pdf and email it to


  • Jeff West

    Let me know if the registration for “Way Out West ” went thru , even if it’s on hold . Thanks , like you have time for this !!! Sorry , check it if you have a chance . Thanks,

  • hwy61

    Thanks for letting me know it’s the same hunt objectives , that would be a bit redundent .

  • Paul Laemmle

    Trying to register our team “star power” Team leader: Paul Laemmle, Donna Laemmle, Christi Kemprekos, Paul Kemprekos 07 s convertible sidewalk edition.

  • Kevin

    You are all set Paul

  • Kathleen Smith

    I tried to register but I’m not confident you got anything other than a blank form! I’d like to register the MINIs on Toparazzi – a two person wonder team! :)

  • Kathleen Smith

    Oh and the specifics: Kathleen and Jeff Smith in an 07 Hardtop.