MoT 2011 Call For Photos

Want to help this year’s MINIs On Top live on? We want to feature photos and videos from folks who were there here on the site. If you’ve already got them uploaded to sites like Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, Photobucket, Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook, leave a comment with a link. Please make sure they’re visible to other people without an account for that service (yes, there are some of us that don’t have Facebook accounts!). If you don’t already have them shared publicly, we’ll be happy to host your top 20 or so photos and videos here on in our gallery.

We’re also looking for write-ups of the event! Autoblog sent a reporter (Jeff Glucker, I believe) so keep an eye on their site for coverage soon. If you’ve found other articles or posts (or written your own!) let us know. We’ll have a summary post soon.

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