Going, going, gone







And just like that, another MINIs On Top is behind us. It was an amazing amount of work for Sarah, Richard, and all of the volunteers, but it was worth it to see so many MINIs and their owners smiling, hanging out, and having a great time. And we got to see a sunset that was nearly good enough to make up for not getting one last year!

You’ll be hearing quite a bit more from us in the very near future, but we didn’t want too much time to pass without making sure you knew how much the success of this event means to us. So thank you!

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  • That first picture is fabulous! Reminds me of the first MINIsOnTop and it’s the standard that next year will be compared with :)


    Wow! Gorgeous! We were heading down at that point, but were treated to some nice views on the way. I hope you both have had a chance to catch up on some well deserved Zzzz’s!

  • Mysticeti

    Thank you to you and all the volunteers!

  • Donna Perham

    Thank you to everyone who was a part of this event. It was my first, and I am already looking forward to next year! Great job.

  • Vivace

    Gone – but not forgotten! Thanks for a fabulous event! Cya next year.

  • Bob Harris

    Great photo !!
    Thanks for giving all of us a great weekend.

    where can we post some pics

  • jjmet

    First time at MoT. What a fabulous event. Thank you everyone for a great time, which I’m sure took a great amount of time and effort. Will definitely be back for the 10th anniversary.

  • Richard

    I want to add my thanks to all the volunteers who worked with me and Sarah on the event, but especially to the two top spouses. Through the whole thing Lynn helped me out enormously, on last minute mailings, will-call packets, and manning the sales table. And Brian is really the third co-organizer for MINIs on Top — photo booth, web site, and much much more. Thanks Brian.

  • Woody (Larry Woods)

    First time for us, but not the last!

  • First, I want to say THANK YOU to all the organizers and volunteers. We had such a great time! Great people, fun MINI’s, beautiful scenery. Looking forward to next year!



    Thanks for such a great time! The whole family had such a great experience. This was our first MoT, and we will be attending every year!

    Could someone please though explian the rubber duckies story???


  • Barb Webster

    As a newbie, I too wondered the same thing until the guy giving out duckies at Loon gave me a hand-out with the following explanation:

    “It all began with a Duck…

    The Big Duck, a well-known landmark, started it all. This landmark sits by a road in Hampton, Long Island and was happened upon during a MINI gathering some years ago. A one of a kind individual whom we all grew to love, frequented many an event; his name was Ed “MAXANINI” Smith. Ed drove a 203 MCS, Electric Blue with white wheels, in Ed’s case it was Eccentric Blue. During Ed’s visit to the Long Island icon he was fascinated with the Big Duck and purchased a rubber duck souvenir at the gift shop. That duck immediately found a place on MAXAMINI’s antenna. Ever since then, the duck became an icon displayed on the MINIs of owners whom Ed met, greeted, or known.

    Ed was always willing to lend a hand; he volunteered his time and good humor to MINIs on Top and the Make-A-Wish Toy runs. Ed’s dedication and enthusiasm ran endlessly, making friends and wise-cracking his way around the globe via MINI forums. When Ed met you for the first time he would present you with a duck. When you pass a MINI in your travels, take notice as to how many MINI owners sport a yellow rubber duck, all thanks to Ed.

    Ed passed away suddenly in the summer of 2005. The worldwide outpouring of affection for Ed demonstrated how one man could bond so many from England, Australia, the U.S., and beyond with a simple rubber duck.

    If you are fortunate to receive a Duck somewhere in your travels this is the story behind it. Please accept the Duck in memory of Ed. If you have a collection of ducks of ducks you have been around a while and understand. For those of you with a new “Duck-less MINI” please display it proudly. It’s always an excellent reminder to not take yourself too seriously and have fun!!”

    Thanks to all for putting together such an awesome event! My husband, Skip, and I will be back.

  • Skip Tannen

    Another first timer here – we had an absolute blast! We met a bunch of great people, gawked at lots of cool MINIs, and drove some wonderful roads.

    Here’s the link to some of my pictures:

    Unfortunately, there was one big disappointment. As we were getting ready to leave the B&B on Sunday morning, I discovered a big crease on my driver’s door. My seven week old pride and joy, with 2500 miles on it, had been hit by someone who carelessly let their passenger door hit my car. And they must have known they did it, because the damage pattern indicates that it was hit with quite a lot of force. Based on pictures from the weekend, I know that it happened either while queued up for the drive up the Auto Road or in the parking lot at the top.

    What was so upsetting, even more so than the damage itself, was that it was done by a fellow MINI enthusiast or their passenger. And the person that did it didn’t even bother to leave a note. After viewing all of our pictures and those on the MoT site, I have identified the cars that were parked next to mine at both locations. I’m still holding out hope that the owner involved will make this right.