Party! MINI Style!

Remember how, just a little while ago, I was telling you about the little bit of good we’re able to do thanks to our awesome sponsors? I know what you’re thinking: “Helping others is neat, and all, but what about me?” Well, if all that kibitzing and burning of dino juice wasn’t enough fun for you, you’d better snug that belt up a little more tightly!

After a long day of driving (or maybe even several days of driving) you’ll have a chance to chill out at Attitash on Friday night with the return of a perennial favorite, Sundae on Friday! Our friends at MINI of Manhattan have stepped up to bring you the best sugar high this side of Vermont. Grab a scoop and party like you’re in Times Square! The ice cream starts getting served in the MOTORoom at 7:30pm, but don’t wait too long, ’cause everyone screams for ice cream.

Nobody likes to motor on an empty stomach and let’s face it, Saturday’s a pretty big day of motoring. Once again, we’re happy to bring you the Saturday morning breakfast, courtesy of local MINI powerhouses (yes, you can be small and big at the same time!) MINI of Peabody and the opening-soon MINI of Bedford. Follow your nose to the source of the bacon, once again at the MOTORoom from 6:30 to 8.

By the time you make it back to Attitash on Saturday evening, you’ll have seen one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life and/or experienced some truly epic weather at the top of Mt. Washington. There’s also a chance that some of you will need help releasing the grip-of-death from the steering wheel, door handle, or the driver’s right arm after the exhilarating drive down the mountain. Well, get ready to unwind and turn this mother out with the mothership connection, the folks responsible bringing those funky little cars we love so much to the USA, MINI Eastern Region! So put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and come back down to the MOTORoom at 9pm for the party on the mothership. Dig?

1 comment to Party! MINI Style!


    For the first time since we started coming to MOT (this is our 4th year), my husband & I are finally going to stay over on Saturday, too. So now we’ll get to relax and socialize with everyone in the MOTORoom Saturday night instead of heading off for a late night drive home.

    Can’t wait!!

    ~Mrs. G.