Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Curtis

We match!

Sarah Curtis, and some guy

Name Sarah Curtis
MoT Participant Since 2006
MoT Volunteer Since 2008
I first heard about MoT from Ric Haskins at my first MINI event, the 2006 MINI of Peabody Poker Rally
The first person I met at MoT was Diana Gillis and soon thereafter her husband, Brian, from New Brunswick. They both came to my wedding reception last year since they were “in the area on their way to Niagara Falls”. (Niagara Falls is almost 500 miles away!)
My responsibilities at MoT this year are Everything I can’t convince Richard or another sucker – er, I mean, volunteer – to do :-)
I volunteer at MoT because Some call it a super-power, others call it a sickness – I can’t attend any event without wanting to help make it better. Seriously.
Car Stats (Year/Model/Colors/Name) 2006 / Cooper S / Hyper Blue with white / Buffy
Car Modifications/Distinguishing Features Pete at Greasy’s Garage recently installed a 17% pulley. I have no idea how it works, but now my car is extra zoom-y. I have a mutant enemy decal on my back window and my license plate is GRR ARG – both in honor of my favorite TV show of all time.
Best thing I’ve done in my MINI Go to MINIs On Top, of course! It changed my life.
Best thing I’ve done in any MINI A month-long, 8,000+ mile, cross country honeymoon road trip in Brian’s MINI last summer.
Favorite Motoring “Road” The one-mile course at Bonneville Salt Flats. It brought me joy I can’t even explain.
Driving in my MINI makes me feel Like I’m more fun and interesting than I probably really am.
Oh! And One More Thing I met my the love of my life and husband, Brian, at MINIs On Top in 2007, and most of my good friends at MINI events over the years.

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