Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Freierman


Richard Freierman

Name Richard Freierman
MoT Participant Since The very beginning
I first heard about MoT on MINI2
The first person I met at MoT was Steve Barnatt
My responsibilities at MoT this year are barely noticeable
I volunteer at MoT because I’m a sucker
Car Stats (Year/Model/Colors/Name) ’06 S – Space Blue – DRVSML
Best thing I’ve done in my MINI Ice Racing on Louden Lake
Favorite Motoring Road Whatever I’m motoring next
Favorite Driving Song Long Line of Cars, Cake
Driving in my MINI makes me feel Like I have MoT stuff to work on.
Oh! And One More Thing Just kidding (mostly) about the MoT work. It’s (almost always) worth it.

6 comments to Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Freierman


    We love you, Richard!!

  • Smidgn

    When was the very beginning? How long has MOT been happening?

  • blalor

    This is the 9th year. Next year is the big one-oh!

  • @MINIMUM — You’re too kind!
    @ SMIDGN — MoT #1 was 2003. We had about 75 cars that year, I think. When we went off on the group drive after Loon, most missed the directions, and we ended up with nearly everyone in a tiny rest are parking lot on Bear Notch Road. Quite the jam-up, but it was all great. I did MoT that year as a day trip, and on the way home I slaughtered a porcupine with my MINI on I-93. I came out on top, but to the tune of about $3k damage. Gary and the gang at service at MINI of Peabody had a good laugh when they put it on the lift and found about 50 quills stuck in the bottom of the car.

    By the way, year 1 was one of the best sunsets — pretty nice weather up top, and mostly clear. Just like every year. ;-)

    @blalor — Thanks for putting up these profiles, and for all the other work you’re doing for MoT. Hugely appreciated.

  • blalor

    My pleasure! I’m having fun with this. :-)

  • Mysticeti

    Mmmmm. Cake. “The Distance” is another good car tune by Cake. :)