Volunteer Spotlight: Ric & Lois Haskins

Ric & Lois Haskins

Ric & Lois Haskins

Name Ric and Lois Haskins
MoT Participant Since 2005
I first heard about MoT From Brig @ MINI of Peabody!
The first person I met at MoT was Chip Davis
My responsibilities at MoT this year are Parking with Lois1
We volunteer at MoT because It is fun to meet other MINIs!
Car Stats (Year/Model/Colors/Name) ’05 Convertible S – Green – Guliver
Car Modifications/Distinguishing Features Magnets w/ destinations, flags from the places we have visited
Best thing I’ve done in my MINI Make-a-Wish Christmas run with a State Police escort from Westerley to Warwick, RI to delivery toys!
Most unusual thing I’ve done in my MINI Impromptu MINI parade down Main St., Provincetown
Favorite Motoring Road Most windy back roads in New Hampshire!
Driving in our MINI makes us feel Untethered
Oh! And One More Thing We named our golden Cooper!

It takes a character to drive a character car like a MINI!

  1. How this helps the rest of us, I’m not sure, but as long as they’re having fun… — Ed.

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  • Mysticeti

    Thanks for volunteering!

    P.S. The green convertible top with the green metallic paint looks great!