Volunteer Spotlight: Shannon Glaser

Shannon. Boom.

ScoobyShannon. Boom.

Name Shannon Glaser, aka ScoobyShannon
MoT Participant Since 2005
I first heard about MoT my best buddy Kevin
My responsibilities at MoT this year are MoT radio DJ, Cheerleader, MoT packing Quality Assurance
I volunteer at MoT because All my friends volunteer :)
Car Stats (Year/Model/Colors/Name) 2011 Cooper Chili Red/Black Tim Wakefield JR
Car Modifications/Distinguishing Features black stripes, black rims
Best thing I’ve done in my MINI Advanced driving skills @ Loudon
Most unusual thing I’ve done in my MINI dressed as a ghostbuster on Halloween and dressed the MINI as Ecto-1
Favorite Motoring Road South Border Rd Winchester, MA
Favorite Driving Playlist Partay
Best MoT Moment Fell over backwards in my chair when I won a MINI @ MoT 2006
Oh! And One More Thing I have a 250 piece shot glass collection

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