Volunteer Spotlight: Heidi Langendoen


Heidi and “MINIMUM”

Name Heidi Langendoen
MoT Participant Since 2006
I first heard about MoT word of mouth – and also read about it in the Globe
The first person I met at MoT was Ian Cull
My responsibilities at MoT this year are general all-around helper (?) + this year’s CD contest
I volunteer at MoT because I love MoT, MINIs and all the people there!
Car Stats (Year/Model/Colors/Name) 2004 Cooper Chili Red / White roof “MINIMUM”
Car Modifications/Distinguishing Features no mods, but often dress up or decorate the MINI
Best thing I’ve done in my MINIs I grew up driving a 1960 Morris 850. I drove it around my parents’ yard between the trees before I had my license. I worked on the car myself with my Dad’s help. We had one on the road and 3 parts cars
Favorite Motoring Road Any road I can zip around on!
Favorite Driving Song Anything by Jimmy Buffet or anything I can sing out loud to.
Driving in my MINI makes me feel unstressed by traffic.
Oh! And One More Thing This year I’m driving up in a Countryman – won (for a weekend) at the MINI of Peabody Chili Cook Off!

2 comments to Volunteer Spotlight: Heidi Langendoen

  • Mysticeti

    > Anything by Jimmy Buffet or anything I can sing out loud to.

    “I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blows.”

    But I know how I’ll get there! MINI! ;-)


    You got it! :)