MINIs on Top 2010 is History…

MINIs on Top 2010 is in the books, and it was a good one! We had 240 cars registered. 358 people went up the mountain. They didn’t see much, but it was an exciting drive in both directions, and everyone made it down safe and sound. The Attitash Grand Summit continues to impress — great rooms and great staff.

Friday night ice cream was sponsored by New Country MINI, Saturday breakfast by MINI of Peabody, and Saturday night party fixin’s by MINI Eastern region — thanks to all!

The Trivia contest had new leadership in Ivan and Kathryn, supported by the trivial veterans from Cape Cod MINI. Judging from the cheers and groans it was a big hit.

The Loon Lot was the usual great gathering of MINIS. Thanks to the fabulous parking crew — Kevin, Pete, Jon, Rick and Lois — everyone fit in and got out. The car wash was a success, the boot sale was thriving, the Concours d’Elegance was elegant, and we made new friends at the Lincoln & Gorham volunteer Fire Departments.  The Photo Scavenger Hunt was a huge success, and everyone arrived at the Auto Road with their wheels down.

Michael Smith may have done his sexiest turn yet as Emcee (or maybe not). We had awards for young and old and near and far, and we had a chance to extend much deserved thanks to Ian, Michael, and Theo for years of service to MoT. We gave out 10 boots full of prizes, thanks to many generous donors and the hard work of Sheena and Armen.

All-in-all, a helluva good time. Share your thoughts here, and send us your links to wherever you like to share photos online — we’ll make a list.

See you in 2011.

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  • It was, as it always is, a wonderful weekend of MINI friends, MINI driving, and spectacular White Mountains scenery; do glad to have such a great group of friends!
    All my pictures are up on; hoping to find time to sort a “best of” video subset, but meantime:

    My thanks to Richard & Sarah for so ably taking over the reins – and special thanks to Michael for being such an impressive MC, no matter what clothes :)

  • scho06

    Another great year at MOT! Thanx to Sarah & Richard and all the volunteers who made it a great weekend!!

    Nancy & Dave

    ps photos to come……

  • Dave

    Hello All,
    Unfortunately I did not participate in the event however I own a Mini and live in Bartlett, NH right across the street from the Grand Summit Hotel. My wife and I got a lot of enjoyement out of watching all the Mini’s drive by our home and around town all weekend. It has inspired us to try to take part in some of these events in the future. Could somebody fill me in on where to go to find out about not just this event but some other mini events. I have been checking out this webpage all weekend and we are definitly going to sign up for next year!

    Dave O.

  • blalor

    Sorry you missed us, Dave! We’re always happy to have more folks joining us, tho. :-) It used to be that was THE forum to check out, but it basically died in the last couple of years. One of the most active clubs in the region is the Mass Motoring Club which — despite the name — has members from all over the region (including one poor guy from Ohio). There’s also an event coming up in July at Monadnock Berries; check out the thread here:

  • Paul Poitras (MYMINI)

    Wow again……Nice to see new and ‘old’ faces at MOT.
    Another outstanding weekend of people, cars, laughs, (windy roads),
    etc. (and no speeding tickets) lol.
    Too bad Barnatt wasn’t there to oogle Mr.Smith!!

  • Gardendaisy

    WOW! Was our First MOT…We had an AWESOME time! Felt right at home amongst all of the brother and sister Minis! Was great to see friends that I only knew their names, nics or even the names of their cars!! The whole event from beginning to end was very well orchestrated. Thank you so much Sarah and Rick (and good luck in a few weeks!) and also to ALL of the volunteers who made it all happen..I know too well that these events could never work without the many hands that pitched in. Will post some pics and maybe the video of the entire ride up Mt Washington. Long story but most have heard it now that we got a personalized ride up the mountain in the Mt Washington van as we did not know that we were chosen to do the Obs tour until we were under the tent sitting and hanging out. As coincidence would have it, two of the main coordinators of the motor to the top and the tour sat down at our table. We were all talking about our lives and work world when one of them asked why we weren’t eating…He told us that we were supposed to be on the tour! We were shocked and happy..and then almost saddened as our Mini Clubman, “CooPURRnicus” was back on the hill all boxed in waiting to go up in the ‘conga line’ with those who were to go up the mountain after the Obs crew. All worked out and we had an awesome time both up and back. Our driver, Rick was incredibly knowledgeable about everything from botanical plants on the mountain to events and history of Mt Washington! MANY many thanks for those who made it all happen! (Apologies to those who may have gotten messed up because of that ‘@#$!*!! Clubman that was left with no driver on the lot).

  • Marcus

    Another first-timer here, my wife and I had a great time too! We came from central NJ and met with the Yankee Candle caravan on the way up.

    We were part of the group on the OBS Tour who got lost on the summit after getting separated from the folks in front of us. We couldn’t find the main building in all the fog, and all 6 or 8 of us were new to the mountain and had no idea where to go! We did eventually find the building and the tour itself was great, we even got to meet Marty!

    We hope to see everyone again next year, and we’ll probably bring another MINI with us – our brother-in-law just ordered his own 2010 BRG (Justa)Cooper!

    Now if I can only find a more MINI-sized version of the GINORMOUS “this car climbed mount washington” sticker…

  • Ada

    And yet another first-timer here. My husband (John) and I
    are from the Jersey Shore were throughly thrilled with the
    entire event. Even though it took us 12 hours to get there
    due to a HUGE back up at the GW Bridge. We also were lost on
    the top of the Mountain on our way to the OBS tour, wandering around in the sleet and dark after the terrifying
    drive up. But are still eagerally planning next years trip.
    I too was wondering how to get that HUMUNGUS bumper sticker
    on my little bumper. Maybe next year we can get Mini-sized
    bumper stickers from the auto road?!

    Giant thanks to Sarah and Richard and everyone else that helped organize 2010 MOT!!!!!!!!! You all did a great job!

    The hotel was wonderful and we met so many new friends too.

    Congratulations Sarah on your upcoming wedding, how did you plan this trip and a wedding???

    Thanks again and see everyone next year!
    John & Ada

  • Eric

    @ Dave,

    Other good web sites for information on activities and general info and in some cases very specific info about your mini are.

    1. NAM (North American Motoring) (good for asking question about how your mini works or how to do work on your mini)

    2. NEMINI (North East MINI) (see the Meets, Rallys and Runs section for activities)

    3. NEMO (New England MINI Owners)

    Hope to see you attend some of the other activities this summer.

  • Well all I can say is it was another great MOT!! This was our 4th MOT and can’t wait for #5!! We have met so many great people from this event and are thrilled every year to see more and more new faces. Awesome job Sarah and Richard and all the other volunteers, you all rock!! Good luck with your wedding Sarah and Brian, who would have ever guessed MOT would result in a marriage! Too bad you didn’t plan the ceremony at the top of Mt. Washington during MOT, LOL.

    The roads were great and weather not so bad overall. It was nice to have Bear Notch all nicely paved for us this year. We really enjoyed the curves on that road this year. See you all next year!!

    -Bob & Lori

  • NHRef

    I’ve been fortunate to attend every MOT. Every one has been different but excellent in their own way. This year was no exception, thanks to everyone who participated and my fellow Yellow Hats.

    I’ve run the Obs Tours every year, too. But I must admit this was the first time I lost anyone On Top! I’m sure you could “see” why the Obs staff nixed climbing into the turret (for only the second time).

    As always, it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. Hope to see you all in 2011 – or picking blueberries on 31 July in Troy NH:

  • scoobyshannon

    Had a great time at MOT! Great job Sarah and Richard! Always great to see my MINI friends for the weekend.

  • Mini Peebs

    It was our first MOT and it surely won’t be the last!!! We spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by Minis and Mini lovers!! The organization what really good (thanks to everybody involved)and we met a lot of nice people from different places.

    We can’t wait for MOT 2011!!!

  • Carl

    While my sone and I had a great time, we’ve since decided to sell our 2004 MINI Cooper S. Any advice on where and how to sell a used MINI?