MoT Sponsor Shout-Out #2

MINIs On Top 2010 is almost here! But before we get things under way, we’d like to take another moment to thank additional donors and sponsors of this year’s raffle. has kindly donated a selection of their popular grille badges; if you win them all, you can also decorate your fridge!

The dog lovers over at PoochStyle contributed a gift certificate worth 25% off a single item. Be sure to check out their cargo and back seat car mats made just for MINIs!

Long-time supporters OutMotoring have generously offered up an assortment of t-shirts, OutMotoring caps, and grille badges (which appear to be quite the “thing” this year!).

Doug Whalen of Whalen Shift Machine™ has donated a gift certificate good for one custom shift knob. Doug does beautiful work and has turned out some wonderfully unique knobs for us in the past. Be sure to check out his gallery of MINI shift knobs!

And last but not least, we have a decimal dozen of LightInSight’s eponymous product, a wide-angle fresnel lens that helps you see traffic lights without dislocating your spine. These are a fantastic addition for anyone who’s ever developed a kink in their neck waiting for the light to turn green!

Be sure to check out the donations from these and other last-minute donors on Friday night in the MOTORoom and Saturday under the tent!

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