Music to our ears — it’s the MoT CD Contest!

Announcing the best contest ever. The MOT CD Contest! This year’s theme is “K Billy’s Super Sounds of the 70′s”.  So dust off your old records and get out your funkiest tunes.

Your CD should consist of 4 songs, should have some kind of list of all the songs and artists and should be awesome. All entries must be received no later than June 17th so get them in now!

Entries should be mailed to
K Billy Super Sounds
c/o Beth Cassorla
318 Corbin Road
Newport, NH 03773

6 comments to Music to our ears — it’s the MoT CD Contest!

  • Marcus

    Will there be a prize? Is it a secret prize? :)

  • Theo

    I understand from secret sources that the prizes are platform shoes (men’s) and a personal serenade by Rick Astley!

  • Beth

    There is a prize. It’s the funkiest trophy ever!

  • maggie

    Darn! I mis-read this!!! I thought I needed to bring the CD with me!!! Oh well, at least I’ll have some awesome music to listen to while driving there!!!!


    It was difficult to hear most of the evening’s announcements at the back of the tent… who and which songs were the MoT CD Contest winners? … maybe a list of all the entrant’s picks? I would be interested to hear other’s taste in music from MoT’10. Thanks!


    Hi JCWCOMP62,
    I’m proud to say that the winning CD picked was MINE!! :) Of course I may have been the only entry….
    As I will be running the CD contest next year per tradition, I will contact Beth to see what I am in for!!! Like how many entries, etc…
    Everyone is admiring my cool GlitterBall Trophy, and the Mini driving up it with the mini (MINI) bumper sticker “This car Boogied up Mt Washington” is perfect, as it matches my Red MINI!!
    Anyway: The songs were:
    1. School’s Out by Alice COOPER (see what I did there!?),
    2. Running On Empty by Jackson Browne (cuz you can drive a MINI forever on empty),
    3. Layla by Derek and the Dominoes cuz it is such a 70′s classic, and finally
    4. Crazy On You by Heart, still an awesome song.
    I wanted to include The Long and Winding Road (for obvious reasons) but it just seemed too slow, and I Can See Clearly Now, but for some reason I didn’t… (maybe if I had, we would have had better visibility at the Top??? my bad!)
    I have some ideas for next year’s contest theme and trophy, but nothing solid yet.
    I had requested that the winning songs be announced, so that will continue, and I would like to assemble the entries and play them all during the tent or reception (if I have the opportunity – like I say: WHAT am I in for?!), but I’m not sure if that is possible with the set up at the tent… It would be cool to make a soundtrack to distribute to MOT attendees, but that would really break the royalty and copyright laws, I am sure!!!
    See you next year!! Motor On!