MoT ’10 Registration is Live!

Hey, everyone! MINIs on Top 2010 registration is now open! And best of all, it’s right here on our own website! So motor over to the Order Form and get your registration in, along with dinner tix, T-shirts, and clings.

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  • Rick Shrier

    This will be my first time. do you have an agenda? Should I plan on two nights or one?

  • Rick,

    Welcome! How long you stay is entirely up to you. Most people arrive Friday evening and leave Sunday morning since we traditionally have social events on both Friday and Saturday nights (in addition to a breakfast on Saturday morning and our dinner at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road.) Others just come for Saturday. More information will be posted about the social events as we nail down the details. I look forward to meeting you in June!


  • Catfish

    Just registered. MOT #27 BABY!

  • Ada

    This is my first and I’m so excited. I can not wait anymore.
    I’ve been waiting since last June when I bought my MINI
    but was not able to attend due to family obligations.

    Is there an agenda or any info or hints to help out first timers?

  • blalor

    Ada, we don’t have a timeline completed for this year, yet, but you can get an idea for what’s gone in the past by perusing the archives on this here site, and specifically the timeline for MoT ’09.

    As for tips, every time you see a Yellow Hat-wearing MoT volunteer, slip them five bucks. ;-)

  • Chuck

    Can we register the day of. My schedule is unpredictable, I might not know if I can make until the day before. Or at least can I use the auto road passes for another day. Any info would help I would really like to attend this event this year.

  • Actually there is a preliminary schedule in the Planning for MINIs on Top document. Here it is.

  • @Chuck — I’d have to say that the day before is probably cutting it a bit too close. On some parts of the event (dinner, for instance) a week or so might work. Maybe Auto Road. Not T-Shirts (although we may have a few extras). Best thing is to get in touch with us as soon as you know — we’ll do what we can to make it work for you (but only because you drive a MINI).

  • Chuck,
    You should definitely register for MINIsOnTop now – that way you’ll be sure to get a Tshirt. But maybe don’t grab the auto road tickets, then if you make the event (and so long as the parking lot is not full “on top”), you might be able to get tickets on the day. You’d probably want to bring something to eat, since “on the day” food is likely impossible.

  • Chuck

    Thanks for the help. I don’t really care about getting a t-shirt, I just want to drive to the top with the rest of the minis. I will wait and see. If I have to I’ll drive up that saturday and crash the party ;) . Hopefully I’ll have my schedule worked out a week or two before.

  • JB

    I do have to ask, is the drive up / down the mountain terrifying??
    How do the MINI brakes and trans take the strain?

  • JB,

    That depends on who you ask! Honestly, my first time in 2006 was kind of scary. However, it was pretty foggy that year and I’m a wimp : ) Most people find the drive pretty easy. The good news is that the Auto Road is closed to other traffic during this event so you encounter very little traffic going the opposite direction.

    MINIs handle the drive well. Just leave lots of space between you and the car ahead of you (on the way up and down!), use a low gear, not ride your brakes on the way down, and pull over to cool down if your car starts to overheat.

    I’m sure you’ll see lots of other information on this between now and the event.



    I was wondering if there will be DSL (Driving Skill ‘Lympics) again this year. Last year I vowed to enter “next time”, but haven’t seen it mentioned, yet. Very interested and hoping to sign up the hubby and myself.

    ~ Mrs. G.


    We are not doing the DS ‘Lympics this year. We’ve done that for a couple years now, and while it’s always a hit, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit. This year we’re bringing back the photo scavenger hunt. The volunteers-extraordinaire who are running it – Shannon and Kevin – are working out the details, but you’ll see more information about it posted soon.


  • Looking forward to another great time at The Top !!! Peter O. and Marion Welles .

  • JB

    Not a chatty bunch of people, huh?

  • Is there any chance that a list of names of people who have signed up will be… listed… here? I’m curious!

  • blalor

    Unlikely, Dave. I don’t believe we provided a way in the registration for people to opt in or out of having their name listed. I do intend to put together a map and list of where people are coming from, however.

  • One… last… question: how many MINIs are registered to date?

  • Ada

    How many Mini’s are registered?
    Is there an agenda of events yet?
    I’m REALLY hoping there will be a Moose hunt again!!!!!

  • blalor

    There are about 165 to 170 MINIs registered. That’s a LOT of MINIs. :-)

    Sarah and Richard are still working on the agenda, but I don’t have an ETA for that, yet.

  • Will

    I totally forgot i wanted to do this and have not gotten a hotel yet. Looks like the Grand Summit is totally booked! :-( Whats the best second option and how time sensitive is it? Are we approaching the total amount of Minis allowed?

  • Will,

    I’m sorry to hear you missed out on getting a room at the Attitash Grand Summit though, to be honest, given the rave reviews it got last year I’m not surprised it sold out so quickly. I know lots of folks booked their rooms before they could even register for the event. The good news is that there are several other options in the area. They’re listed on the Lodging page. Check them out. The North Colony Motel is certainly the closest and I know several people stayed there last year. If anybody has any other recommendations, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

    There are 175 cars registered so far. I *believe* our maximum is 240 this year. So there is still space, but if you plan to attend I recommend you register very soon.

    I look forward to seeing you in a couple months.


  • Will

    Good news. Grand Summit just called back and booked us in 2 separate rooms for both nights. We are good to go! Registering now for the event.


    Anyone else driving up from NYC/Hoboken/Northern NJ friday after work?

  • Julie-Anne Price

    Jason and I just registered and we booked a one room suite at the Attitash Grand Summit and thought we might want to share the cost with one other mini friend.
    We are also from Allentown, PA and wonder if there was anyone from the area attending.
    Our plan is to leave Friday…
    We have the hotel booked for Friday and Saturday.

  • andrew

    Hey all, I have two cousins riding with me, so my question is do they have to pay the same as i? or is there some sort of passanger sign up?

  • Hi Andrew,

    The fee for the Auto Road are for people, not cars, so yes, you need to buy tickets for them.

  • Sally

    I would like to attend the rally but will not be touring the mtn. is there any activities happening down below for those who choose not to go up the mtn?

  • blalor

    Yes there are, Sally! There will be a number of drives departing from Loon in the morning, a photo scavenger hunt, and a raffle and dinner at the base of the Auto Road before the ascent.

  • Sally

    Thx blalor. so how much do i have to pay? i thought the dinner was on top. Where can i find the schedule? all seems to be dated 2009. i must be in the wrong place on the website.

  • Sally

    yea, we sre signed up. can’t wait.

  • blalor

    I believe Sarah and Richard are working on the schedule, so watch this space. The overall flow of the weekend will be unchanged from past years, however.

  • Will

    Where can we organize caravans to Mt. Washington? I will be driving up from Hoboken (NYC 6th borough ;-) . Anyone else?

  • Abbey1

    Hi ALL! I’m a newbie at this..pls be patient. AM VERY EXCITED! My precious 20 yr old son just bot me,(his mom)my dream car, a Mini-Cooper S! He and I would like to attend
    the June 2010 Event! Little nervous about driving my 2006 Mini up Mt. Washington..will it put a strain on her? I hear of other activities, scavenger hunts etc, instead. I am absolutely clueless of where to find total cost of Event.
    I apologize that I need a little guidance..Any help would be wonderful! Many Mini Thanks

  • Will


    Nice gift! So far the obvious costs are is the hotel rates and the event fees.

  • Abbey1,

    The best way to get a sense of event costs is to start the online registration process. That is where you can register for the event, buy dinner tickets for Saturday under the tent at the base of the mountain, and your Auto Road passes for each person in your car who’ll be going to the top. You can always add the less-essential (though much-loved) items like window clings, t-shirts, etc… based on your budget.

    Trivia on Friday night and the Boot Sale, Concours D’Elegance, and drives on Saturday are included in your registration fee. MINI of Peabody is sponsoring a delicious breakfast for all participants at the Attitash Grand Summit on Saturday morning.

    If you choose to do the Photo Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, there will be a small entry fee.

    When additional activities are added between now and the event, they’ll be listed, along with any additional fees on this site.

    Your accommodation will be another piece to consider. Check out the Lodging page for more information on that.

    I hope that is helpful.


  • maggie

    Hi All!
    Our registration went in on day 2, hotel booked, shirts ordered! I am sooo excited! And since I will probably be sporting a lovely cast on my right leg, I expect to have ALL of you come and say hi to me, Lola (my 06 hyperblue cooper S convertible) and oh, yea, to Chuck who will be my designated driver, since I can’t drive with a broken ankle!

  • Ada

    Any new news yet? It’s getting close, only a few more weeks to go and I can not wait!!!!!!!
    So excited and dying, waiting for my goodies to arrive.
    How many MINI’s are we up to?
    This is my first MOT and I’m sure not my last.
    Little scared of the Mountain though, but the excitment will
    overcome the nerves.
    Can’t wait to meet everyone and see all the MINI’s.
    It must be some sight!