Thank You to the MINIsOnTop 2009 Volunteers

The annual MINIsOnTop event is a collaborative effort among a host of Volunteers who, like you, are just nuts about their MINIs, and value the friendships they have made in the Community of MINI Owners. It is due to the dedication and hard work of the Volunteers that allows MINIsOnTop to be presented each year. So, it is with our deepest thanks that we acknowledge the people without whom the event would not exist:

- The Donations Committee: Sarah Curtis, Armen Kaleshian, Brian Lalor, and Sheena Vanderley
- The Event Sales Crew: Howe Allen, Tim Evans, and Leilani & Andrew Germain
- The Feeder Events Co-coordinators: Kevin Minghella, Chip Slattery and Jeff West
- The Pub Trivia Crew: Lib White and Bill Bayerle (and the Cape Cod MINIs!)
- The Moose Hunt: Brian Lalor
- The Traffic Control Crew: Brian & Maggie Grady, Ric & Lois Haskins, Kevin Minghella, and Chip Slattery
- The Loon Lot Crew: Richard Freierman (Coordinator), Ivan Sever (DSL), and Josh Wardell (Concours d’Elephants)
- The MINIsOnTop CD Contest: Robert Cahill
- Herb Chambers MINI of Boston Lease Coordination: Kevin Minghella
- The Saturday Dinner Crew: Evan Barnatt, Norine Glick, Carol Matthias, and Jeff & Patty West
- Mt. Washington Observatory Tour: Pete Basilliere

Please pardon us if we have forgot anyone.

You should know that when you thank “the organizers”, these are the people to whom your thanks are warmly receved; they are the folks who are responsible for making this event a success.


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