MOT2009 picture links

Well, another MINIsOnTop has been and gone – but the pictures remain for us to enjoy! With a great new location, many wonderful MINI owners, and helpful weather, we feel that MOT2009 was the best yet!
Soon, we will put together some proper write-ups on the event, but for now here are links to pictures posted by attendees:

GBMINI’s Gallery pictures
Peter Braun’s Flickr pictures
Leif Hardison’s Flickr pictures
Tarra Bausk’s Flickr pictures
Stephen Lee’s Flickr pictures
Jeff, Heather and Dave of HVMini Shutterfly pictures
Michael Smith’s MobileMe pictures
Robert Klein’s Gallery (time limited!)
David Libbey’s Flickr pictures: Day one, Day two
Deborra Zukowski’s Facebook pictures
Melanie Presnell’s Facebook pictures
Niki Mello’s Picasa pictures
Josh Wardell’s pictures (coming soon!)
Kim Rossey’s Flickr pictures
Joe Puleo’s pictures: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3
Connie Guerin’s Facebook pictures
Sheena Vanderley’s Flickr pictures
David Schofield’s Flickr pictures
Hunter Flatt’s Shutterfly pictures
Ricardo Dodge’s Flickr pictures
Jak Yaemsiri’s Mobile Me pictures
Brian Grady’s Flickr pictures
Becca Wathen-Dunn’s Flickr pictures

There’s also a “group pool” of MINIsOnTop pictures on Flickr – click here to visit

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