MOT2009 sponsor shout-out #4

Wow, only 7 days to go, and the donors are still lining up! Thank you so much!

DDMWorks is offering up one of their cold air intakes for the R50, R53 or R56 (winner’s choice, of course).

Loon Mountain has graciously donated four Gondola Skyride tickets good for this summer and fall.

We received three Mt. Washington Auto Road passes, which will be bundled with the Mt. Washington Observatory family memberships from Oxford Motorsports.

Fanatical, 3-GP-owning MINI-friend George Constantinou kicked in four Shell gas cards, which will be bundled with the Mt. Washington Observatory and Loon Mountain packages.

Newly-minted Greasy’s Garage will install a 15% pulley for one lucky R53 owner at their shop in Worcester, MA.

Way Motor Works has a special gift for the person who has had to work the hardest to make their trip fun (or survivable)!

And finally, we have one minor correction: Becca Wathen-Dunn’s scarves are loom-woven, not knit. (You should see the loom; it’s a work of art, itself!) … and they’re red and black, which’ll go nicely with my MINI …

Be sure to check out our past sponsor shout-outs to see what other fun raffle items and donations await you at this year’s MINIsOnTop!

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