MOT2008 feedback

Last year, we asked all the MINIsOnTop 2008 participants for feedback about the event – here are highlights of the “best” and “worst” of that event; if you were there, we hope you agree that it was a great event … if you missed it, perhaps this feedback will tempt you to join us this year …

Best of MOT2008
People were very friendly!
Everyone was laid back and friendly.
Hearing that we raised over $9000 for charity!
The sheer joy of looking at so many minis gathered with their fabulous owners.
Meeting Mini owners!
The location makes the event.
The moose hunt leader was friendly and an excellent ambassador for Minis.
I think the morning at Loon took the prize for best event.
All the gatherings and laughter were great, good memories.
Loved the whole thing not sure we can pick one thing!!!!!!
The best thing about this event is the people.
The drive was great–we saw a bear!
The drives; all of them, including the Top Run, in spite of the unpredictable visibility/weather.
DS (O)Lympics were the single best thing.

Worst of MOT2008
The weather. But nobody has control over that!
The wind at the top – please look into changing that for next year. HA!
The fog on the mountain!
Rain, rain, & more rain!
The Loon Lot needs more activities to stay interesting.
Standing around.
It would have been nice if we had been paired with someone who had been to prior MOT and knew people. We are outgoing, but felt a bit out of the loop at times.
My wife hates the drive up the mountain but she will just have to deal with it.
The Mt Washington Auto Road is a nightmare. Of epic proportions. We will just go half way next year and watch.
Going back home.

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