MOT2008 Funds raised for Charity

MINIsOnTop is proud to announce the final tally of charity funds raised during MOT 2008.

We sold 223 raffle tickets for the MINI Cooper Clubman lease donated by Herb Chambers MINI of Boston – this raised $5,575.

New Country MINI supported the “Sundaes On Friday” event with a donation of $6.288 for each attendee, raising a total of $1,031.23.

The auction for Red Sox tickets in box seats with a pre-tour of Fenway Park raised $900 thanks to the generosity of Leo Lariviere, and the sponsorship of Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds.

Sales of $1 “door prize” tickets for a chance to win prizes from Aesthetic Creations, American Mini Mates, Bavarian Autosport, Bower & Wilkins, Concord Motorsport, Detailers Paradise, MC2 Magazine, MINI Do More, MINI of Peabody, MINI USA, National Motorists Association, Pooch Style, Texas Speedwerks, Tire Rack, TwistyBitz, Whalen Shift Machine, and White Mountain Chapter BMWCCA, along with the sale of MINIsOnTop merchandise and other on-the-day funds, raised $6,625.
Also of mention, personal sponsors: George Constantinou, Ian Cull, Ivan Sever, Pete Basiliere, Theo Matthias, and the family of Dan McDonald.
And finally, many thanks to PG Trionic for supporting the event and packing day!

The primary purpose of MINIsOnTop is a fun gathering of MINI owners – and we’ve heard from many attendees that they had a great time (see for pictures from the event); it’s with many thanks to everyone that attended, and those that couldn’t make it but supported the event, that we raised a grand total of $14131.23, to be distributed between the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire, and the Mount Washington Observatory.

In recognition of the height of Mount Washington, the observatory receives 6.288% of the total, a sum of $888.57.
The balance, a sum of $13242.66, will be presented to Make-A-Wish of New Hampshire in the next month, with photos to appear on

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